Year in Review: New Year’s List of 2015

December 30, 2015

I started blogging in 2005 and ever since 2008, I’ve filled in the same New Year’s List, which has been a fun way to look back and remember what that particular year brought. When I closed down the blog I’d been writing for 9 years, I decided that at least the New Year’s List is going to live on, because it’s so much fun to look back and see what I though about that year. I’ve removed some irrelevant questions and tweaked others.

1. Did you do something this year that you’ve never done before? I went river rafting in Bosnia and parasailing in Montenegro and it was amazing. Really want to do it again.


About to soar in the sky above Budva

About to soar in the sky above Budva

2. Is there something that you miss from the year 2015 that you want in 2016?  Health! 😉 And I want to get to know more people, both in Copenhagen and the rest of the world.

3. Which date from 2015 will you always remember? March 1st, when I started my full-time, grown-up job and my birthday, which I spent in my favorite city London, enjoying cocktails and listening to jazz.

4. What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2015? I’m really grateful for getting a “proper” job. It might sound boring but it brought me a sense of safety that I’ve missed and enabled me to use all that knowledge I’ve accumulated during the years studying and working other jobs.

5. The biggest mistake this year? Not living in the moment and worrying about not reaching my full potential.

6. How has your health been? Unfortunately, not that well. This year hasn’t treated me well, as I’ve been dealing with some painful stomach issues as well as depression. It’s been quite a rough year health-wise and I am doing all I can to get back on track.

7. Your best buy? My Kartell Bloom lamp, which I’ve dreamed about for many years. I used to work close to the Kartell shop in Copenhagen a few years ago and whenever I passed it, I would look at that lamp and think “One day, when my salary isn’t this shitty I will go in, and I will buy you”. When I got my second salary from my current job, I went out and bought it immediately and I love it.
Although we’re only leasing it, I’ll have to mention our car as well. A Peugeot 208, which has air condition, bluetooth and ass heating. Pretty much all you need in a car. It takes me to and from work and going to IKEA is no longer the nightmare it used to be. Also, I’m pretty happy about my new iPhone 6s. I’ve been an Android-girl forever but got so tired of it. I love iOS!

8. What did you spend the most money on? Traveling. Just the way it should be.

9. Did something make you really happy? Every time we booked a trip. Jacob in general. Jacob saying funny things like “Oh, it’s that movie the Girl with the Dragon Tail” and not realizing he said it wrong. My cats lying next to me whenever I’m feeling a bit down.


My two kitties, Nemo and Pelle.

10. Which songs will always remind you of 2015? Hello with Adele of course. Uptown Funk with Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars seemed to play whenever something good happened in my life this year, and basically anything with Simon & Garfunkel, because I listened to them a lot this year.

11. Where you happier or sadder this year compared with last year? Generally sadder. But I’m working on that!

12. What do you wish that you had done more? Worked out. However, I had som physical limitations and now I am slowly working my way back to excersizing on a regular basis, starting with yoga a few times a week. What a difference a good yoga teacher makes!

13. What did you wish that you had done less? I wish that I had been more relaxed and enjoyed the moments as I was in them.

14.  How did you spend Christmas 2015? I spent it with Jacob, his brother, dad and step-sister, eating good food, playing board games and having fun.

15. Favorite TV show this year? I loved season one of How to Get Away with Murder, Homeland and Empire, which I began watching this year. But also my old favorites: Girls, Blacklist, Modern FamilyThe Simpsons (I’ve been a huge fan since 1995) etc. Suits was dissappointing though.

16. Do you dislike someone you did not dislake in the beginning of the year? No, not really.

17. The best book you read this year? Oh, there are so many! I particularly liked Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, which I’ve been meaning to read forever but just finished last night, The Girl on the Train, which I finished a few days ago, To Kill a Mockingbird and the witty The Rosie Effect, the sequel to The Rosie Project.

18. Something you wished for and got? A job and a bookshelf from Swedish brand String. Plus of course, lots of love and support from those closest to me.

19. This year’s best movie? I loved The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game.

20. What did you do for your birthday? I went to London with Jacob. We stayed in the Hilton Park Lane, where we were upgraded to a room on the 26:th floor with the most amazing view of London. We shopped, ate good food, drank cocktails, beer, and Pimm’s and just strolled around the city, getting to know it. It was perfect.




This awaited in our room on the Hilton Park Lane.


Left: Shopping and strolling in London. Right: Ringing in my 28:th birthday in my favorite bar The Nightjar, drinking out of a bird’s ass. A glass bird, mind you.

21. How would you describe your style in 2015? Pencil skirts and pencil dresses.

22. What made you feel good? Eating good food, walking the streets of Paris hand in hand with Jacob, photographing squirrels in Hyde Park, enjoying good wine in Dubrovnik, meeting new, interesting people, dancing on my own in nightclubs, wearing red lipstick, doing yoga, friday night Italian evenings at home, binge watching TV shows, Sunday morning cat snuggles, listening to podcasts (especially Serial – obsessed – and Lena Dunham’s podcast).

23. What or who did you miss? I missed my friends, I missed my grandma and grandpa (although I got to see my grandpa just recently!) who live in Bosnia, and of course I really missed those who are no longer with us.

24. Favorite month? It will have to be June.

25. Plans for next year? Well, I want to make 2016 the year of travels. I already have a London trip booked, but am also planning to go to Barcelona, New York, Rome and back to Croatia again.

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