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July 28, 2015


While I am writing this, I am sitting on a balcony in my bikini bottoms and a sweaty tanktop with sand on my feet, overlooking the beautiful town of Budva in Montenegro and its surrounding mountains. I’ve been at the beach all day solving crossword puzzles and am about to hop in the shower. It’s my sixth day in Monenegro, a country I have never visited despite my many trips to the Balkans (oh, and despite being born in the Balkans). As many of you know, because you know me, I live in Copenhagen in the wonderful area of Fredriksberg, which I once heard someone call the Vatican of Copenhagen. Not because we’re overly religious there or anything, but because it’s a city within a city – a municipality of its own despite being in Copenhagen. I love Copenhagen and have lived there for five years this fall but I like to travel whenever I get the chance. Truth be told, I’ve never left Europe, but I do plan to – as soon as I save up some hard earned cash. I am not a vagabond, I haven’t seen the world and have never lived out of my suitcase for longer than a few weeks but I do love to travel, to see new things, experience different cultures, eat finger-licking good (vegetarian) food, meet interesting people, find the best mojitos in the cities I visit (it’s become a little bit of an obsession) and just experience something out of the ordinary life with a 9-5 job, bills to pay and dishes to wash – although I leave that last part up to my boyfriend Jacob, because he secretly loves it even though he’d never admit it.

So this blog will be about travelling, about food and mojitos, about Copenhagen and about all the things that make life worth living in my opinion. With this blog I wish to inspire you to try new things and see new places. To try the established as well as the emerging. To share what I see, taste, love, dislike and think.


Budva Montenegro

From the balcony…

Budva Montenegro

Me right this moment…

– Anja

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