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Vegan Restaurants in Copenhagen: Souls

May 12, 2016
Souls Copenhagen

The vegan diet and lifestyle has taken over Copenhagen lately – supermarkets have begun to offer everything from vegan cheese to vegan sausages and more and more restaurants put vegan items on their otherwise meat-fixated menus. This is of course fantastic news, considering Denmark in general has been a country so obsessed with meat and milk that it borderlines crazy. Crazy, but not all that surprising considering the fact that one of the world’s biggest milk producers, Arla, is Danish and that pig meat production here is so large that there are five times more pigs than people.

It’s been a slow process to say the least, but finally more and more people have opened their eyes up to the downsides of  meat and milk production and consumption: it’s bad for the animals, it’s bad for the planet, and it’s not great for our health. So the fact that there are now more options than ever for those who don’t eat animal products at all, and for those just trying to cut back, is nothing short of fantastic, if you ask me. A bonus to this is that restauranteurs see opportunities to cater to these needs, which has resulted in not only vegan-friendly courses in restaurants but full-on vegan restaurants as well. One of these is newly opened Souls, located on a small street in Østerbro. On Friday, Matthew, who is one of the co-owners, invited me and Linn – who also took all these gorgeous photos) over for a taste of their coming dinner menu. It was everything I wanted it to be and more.

We started off with a broccoli and vegetable pie, called Souls’ summer pie, made completely free from milk, eggs and other animal products. This was served with a grilled cherry tomato salad with balsamic vinegar, olives and herbs.


We moved on to the two smørrebrød. Matthew explained them to me really well but I stopped listening after he said truffles, so I asked Souls’ chef about them – one is made with a potato salad, and the other with veggie patties. They are absolutely delicious and also our favorites. The bread was home made and gluten-free, a re-make of the classic (and often meat-crazed) Danish food smørrebrød.


 After this and a glass of wine, we were pretty full but we were only half way on our tasting menu. Next, Matthew served us a delicious “pasta” dish made with rice noodles and oyster mushrooms, zucchini, caramelized onions and parsley with tamari roasted walnuts….. I loved the fact that it was a hot meal and not raw, which is very popular among vegan restaurants. Sometimes we want a hot, nice meal and this pasta/noodle dish satisfies all my cravings.



When the button on my jeans almost popped, we were in for dessert – a vegan cheesecake with a cashew/almond base and a yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) topping.


After a quick chat, we left so full and so satisfied,  with plans to definitely come back in the near future. Linn, who normally eats meat, was also very impressed and said that she wouldn’t even had thought about it not containing meat, had she not known it was vegan when she came. I think that’s a great review and exactly how any good vegan chef wants his/her food to be described: nothing is “missing” in vegan food.

If you’re looking to visit Souls, you can do so at Melchiors Plads 3 in Østerbro. And if you want more information about good, vegan restaurants in Copenhagen you can check ut my full list right here.




All photos by Linn Gullberg

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