The Top 5 Cocktail Bars in Copenhagen

August 24, 2015

Copenhagen is a true cocktail mecca – everywhere you turn there’s a cocktail place serving weird, fancy ¬†or classic cocktails and you can enjoy them no matter what numbers your bank account shows at the end of the month ūüėČ Without further adieu, here are the top 5 BEST cocktail bars in Copenhagen – if you ask me!

  1. Bar 7
    This has been my favorite Copenhagen cocktail bar since it opened and it never fails. The staff is extremely friendly  Рthey always have time for a joke, a selfie or a quick chat, no matter how packed the place is. Music is everything from r&b and hiphop to house. The menu offers both the classics Рmojitos, manhattans and the likes, but also has some rather untraditional ones that taste like something a unicorn would make. Try my favorites: Liquorish Jewel and Sober Monk (which is not sober at all!). Pro tip: they have great non-alcoholic cocktails as well!
    Where:¬†Studiestr√¶de 7, K√łbenhavn K

    bar 7 copenhagen

    Bar 7 is one of my favorite bars in Copenhagen

  2. Mexi Bar
    You’ll never have a boring evening at Mexi Bar and if you don’t leave tipsy, there’s something wrong with your system. Get here before 21:30 and you’ll get extra alcohol in your drinks for free – and believe me… when they say extra, they mean it. The prices are really wallet-friendly at around 44-56¬†per drink. The girls behind the bar (they’re always girls for some reason…hmmm?) are fun party-animals and make one of Copenhagen’s best mojitos, but¬†they’re also famous for their strawberry and passion daiquiri. Get here early if you want a seat!
    Where: Elmegade 27,¬†K√łbenhavn N (N√łrrebro)
  3. Ruby
    Ruby is¬†one of Copenhagen’s “secret” bars – there’s no sign by the entrance, and you’ll probably walk by it a few times before you finally realize that it’s right in front of you (although, the security guard outside can be¬†a give away if he’s there). The exclusive d√©cor helps set the right 20’s atmosphere and when you enter this cocktail bar, you feel like you’ve walked into a private apartment¬†where the Fitzgeralds and Hemingway are sipping cocktails and having important discussions. The cocktails are absolutely delicious, although the prices are a bit higher here than most other bars in Copenhagen. The atmosphere makes up for that though.
    Where: Nybrogade 10, K√łbenhavn K
  4. Str√łm Bar
    Cocktails on tap? Pour it up, please! This is a great pre-party bar, as nightclub The Jane is just across the street and many other nightclubs are walking distance from here. You can choose cocktails from the cocktail menu card, which offers some exquisite drinks, or get cocktails on tap – a bit cheaper. The atmosphere is relaxed and¬†I love to come here when me and my friends have a lot to talk about – although as the evening progresses, the music gets a bit louder, which is when we normally leave for the nightclubs if we’re up for that.
    Where: Niels Hemmingsensgade 32, K√łbenhavn K
  5. Lidkoeb
    This place can be a bit hard to find, as you have to go through a backyard to reach it. In the summer,¬†you can enjoy your drinks in the backyard or one of the three floors of the bar. The main floor is decorated with heavy furniture and a fireplace with an open fire, while the top floor is a dedicated whiskey bar for all the whiskey fanatics out there. Drinks are of course delicious and the bartenders are happy to recommend something you’ll like.
    Where: Vesterbrogade 72b, K√łbenhavn V (Vesterbro)

    lidkoeb Copenhagen

    Lidkoeb Bar in Vesterbro

Picture of Bar 7, copyright
Picture of Lidboeb, copyright

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