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A Friday in Paris with Ellen Birath & the Shadowcats

April 20, 2017

Sometimes the best trips are the ones that you haven’t been planning forever. A month ago, my very good friend Anna told me she was going to Paris and asked if I wanted to come. I’m not the one to turn a trip down, so I said yes and we booked the ticket. It was honestly one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and one that made me see Paris from a new – better – perspective!

On Friday, we met at the airport and were told that our plane was overbooked and that we might not make it on. Filled with rage, we made our way through security and up to the gate, ready to make our case to whichever poor soul that had the bad luck of standing at the gate. We walked up, angrily put our stand-by tickets on the desk and said “We were told we might not make it on the plane?”, with our arms crossed, fit for fight. The very nice and smiling gentleman behind the desk said “Well of course you are! Don’t worry about it. You look very “VIP”, we can’t have you sit here and wait”. Baffled, we thanked the nice man very much and boarded the plane. The trip wasn’t very pleasant, as Vueling decided to let a very ill woman, who had various bodily fluids exit her here and there, board the plane. Poor thing!

Anyways, we arrived at our AirBnb in the 11th arrondissement a few hours later and immediately went down to the local Monoprix to buy the essentials: make-up remover, wine, and cheese. We sat at home, drank a bit, listened to music, and before we knew it we were in quite a hurry. We took an Uber to the area where Ellen played and quickly went for a pho around the corner. We were in and out in 15 minutes and made our way to the fully packed La Féline and quickly got to meet Ellen before they entered the stage.

Pho in Paris

Yummy vegan pho from Cô My Cantine on Rue de Menilmontant


Anna is so gorgeous I want to die!

The show was absolutely amazing and not at all what I’m used to. Not only was the band really, really good but people were so into it. It didn’t take long before the first couple took over the dance floor and soon I found myself dancing with a stranger, trying (in vain)to keep up with the steps. I probably looked hilarious and really, really silly, but I had so much fun!

Ellen and the Shadow Cats

Ellen and the Shadow Cats entered the stage

After the show, we stood outside the club (it was too hot inside) and chatted to various people before heading over to a different bar. When we were on our way from the bar, I managed to miss a step and fell flat on my face in front of EVERYONE. I saw the French side-eyes, quietly judging me for being too drunk but I promise that was not the case (I mean it could have been – but it wasn’t!). Bruised up, I finally managed to convince Anna that we should go home and that was the end of our Friday night in Paris…

Ellen and the Shadow Cats





Places I've Been

An Autumn Weekend in Paris

October 8, 2015

I’ve only been in Paris once before, and to be completely honest, I didn’t fall in love. Sure, it was nice and beautiful but I couldn’t understand people’s fascination with it. But when I had to go to Paris for work, the opportunity to stay there over the weekend presented itself and I couldn’t resist, because well …who would? After two intense days of work, I met with Jacob in the airport on Friday and together we took the train into Paris and the apartment we rented in the Marais area. We rested our feet for a bit and walked over to Lo Spaghettino, a 10 minute walk away. We were the first guests to arrive – two very hungry guests, not used to the late dinner culture of the southern European countries – and had a fantastic Italian meal, as none of us are particularly into French food (can you eat anything French that isn’t meat or seafood?). Anyways, this is our weekend in Paris in pictures:

After the dinner, where I had gnocchi with truffles, we were really tired but weren’t ready to head back to the apartment so we found a bar. We sat outside, drank mojitos and beer, ate chips and talked, talked, talked because we hadn’t seen eachother in two whole days 😉

Paris caféParisParis



The next day, we woke up, ate a croissant and headed down to the bakery Boulangerie Hure, where we had a brie baguette for breakfast because it’s the only French thing we like, basically…After breakfast, we walked down to the Notre Dame and admired it for a while, before we headed back to walk along the Seine.

Notre Dame ParisParisSeine Paris


We had planned a visit to the Louvre museum, but we arrived a bit later than planned and the lines were huge, and it was a beautiful, sunny day, so we sat outside for a while and decided to skip the entrance.

Paris LouvreParis


Instead, we sat down by a brasserie and had a huge glass of wine and beer and just looked at people. I really love the diversity in Paris – there are all kinds of people there: the tourists stuck to their map, the fashionistas in their weird outfits, the former models, tall and skinny, wearing bags from Chanel, the old ladies wearing high heels and Chanel no5, kids playing, young students, business men on phones, homeless men with their dogs beside them, the African guys selling miniature Eiffel towers. I could sit and watch them all day!

Paris beerMetro sign Paris

We walked down Rue de Rivoli until we came to Champs-Élysées. We were a bit hungry so we shared a pizza before we walked down the world’s most famous shopping street and arrived at the Arc de Triomphe.

Arc de Triomphe Paris

Arc de Triomphe Paris

We had never seen the Eiffel Tower at night, so we headed down to eat around nine before we would go down to watch it with all the lights on. As we arrived at the restaurant we saw that we had the most magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower and it just happened to strike 21:00 at that time, causing the Tower to sparkle in all its glory.


After our meal, we decided to have a drink at the Bar Hemingway at the Ritz Carlton. After walking for what seemed like FOREVER, we found that the hotel was being refurbished. I’ve never regretted wearing high heels as much as I did right then. We found another bar, where we rested our feet before we headed back to Marais for some wine.

Our last day in Paris we started the day with a delicious breakfast in Marais. Nike had arranged some sort of run in Paris so we just sat there and watched people run while we had our croissants.

Paris breakfast


Then we took the Metro to Pere Lachaise, the absolutely stunning cemetary where Jim Morrison of The Doors, Edith Piaf, Oliver Wilde, and many more are resting. We walked around for a while and it was sooo.. Parisian. The leaves had turned yellow and were falling down, fall was in the air, but it was neither too cold nor too hot – it was the perfect weather for a walk.

Pere Lachaisse ParisJim Morrison's grave in ParisPere Lachaisse cemetaryParis

After walking around Pere Lachaise, we headed back to Marais to try what has often been dubbed the best falafel in the world – the falafel at Las du falafel. We had heard that the lines were long, but it was completely insane! However, it was very organized and we didn’t wait more than 10-15 minutes before we had the falafel in our hands.

It is hand down the BEST falafel I have ever eaten, and if you’re visiting Paris and love street food this is a must. It tastes nothing like the falafel I am used to in Scandinavia, everything about it was pure perfection.

L'as du Falafel in ParisL'as du Falafel in Paris


Au revoir, Paris! 😉


Statue of a feminist icon: Jeanne D'Arc

Statue of a feminist icon: Jeanne D’Arc