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London: My New Love and Mamma Mia!

December 27, 2017

2 months ago I was deciding if I wanted to go to London or to Venice. I couldn’t decide, so I went to both! 😉 You can read about my adventures in Venice here, but this post will take you through my stay in London. Now, this isn’t my first time around in the UK capital – in fact, I’ve been there no less than 9 (!) times in just 7 years. Needless to say, it’s a city I really love. I think that if I hadn’t met Jacob 8 years ago, I probably would have moved to London. Anyhow, we flew in Friday morning but due to some delays, we were a bit late. We headed straight to the hotel. This time, we wanted to be near the city center and stayed at the Sanderson hotel close to Oxford Station/Tottenham Court Road, which was the perfect location for us this time around.


…but first drinks at the Sanderson Hotel’s bar.

After freshening up, I had one goal and one goal only: to make my way to the Stella McCartney flagship store in Mayfair. But not before having a whiskey sour (above)!

We got there and I immediately asked for the bag I’ve been wanting for much too long now. It wasn’t on display and my heart was racing while the store manager went out to see if they had it in the back. Luckily for me, they did! I took my DSLR camera out and put it in the bag to see if it fit – that was one of the requirements I had for a new bag – and it did! “I’ll take it!!”, I immediately said and the store manager offered us some champagne while we looked around.

The thing is, I don’t wear leather (and haven’t worn it for 10 years now), so shopping at Stella McCartney is like (an expensive part of) heaven. She doesn’t use real leather or fur in her designs, so I could drool over the gorgeous “leather” jackets. While trying on said “leather” jackets, the store manager showed me a scarf which I immediately fell in love with. So an hour after walking in, I walked out of the store much happier, with a champagne buzz, a much emptier wallet and my new bag and scarf in hand.


We took a taxi down to the Savoy Hotel to go to the American Bar, which was recently appointed the world’s best bar. The drinks were, of course, great, the waiters very friendly, and the piano man mesmerized us all with his tunes.



…a cocktail at the world’s best bar!

We then decided to walk up to a restaurant but on our way, we passed the Novello theatre where Mamma Mia!, the musical, plays and we decided to get tickets for the next evening. Tickets in hand, we walked up to Covent Garden and the lovely restaurant Margot where we had some delicious pasta and red wine. After dinner, we really wanted to be fun and went to a pub for drinks but were too tired and gave in early. A sure sign we’re now over 30.


I inspected my new precious gift for my self. Here I’m thinking “I shall name her Queen Stella”, which I did. In our house, the bag is never referred to as “the bag”, rather we say “Can you give me Queen Stella?” 😀 (I wish this was a joke but it’s not)


…wearing my new scarf 🙂

On Saturday, we went shopping and headed for a pub whenever we needed to get warm…


Jacob looooves the pub culture in London and I think he could sit there all day and just have beer and watch football (soccer) if I let him 🙂




Beautiful London <3

After shopping we headed down to Soho and Kingly Court for dinner. I really like the atmosphere in there!


Kingly Court in Soho

In the evening we headed down to the Novello theatre again for the show. It was my very first time seeing a musical and it was MAGICAL! Truth be told, I was so happy that I started crying as soon as the orchestra started playing – before the curtains even had gone up. Mesmerized, we watched the show, and I tried, but miserably failed, not to cry the whole time.


Ready to see Mamma Mia!

After the show, we stopped by a nearby pub (and saw some of the crew there), before making our way up to Soho and another bar. Back at the hotel, we went for a drink in Sanderson’s long bar and the guests-only Purple Bar, where I managed to spill our entire drinks on the floor… Sigh! A bit drunk and very hungry, we headed upstairs and ordered room service before quickly falling asleep.

We woke a bit hungover the next day and not even a long, hot shower could help but we headed out to town anyways. We enjoyed dinner at Indian restaurant Dishoom in Soho and it was deeeeelicious! I love Indian and can’t wait to go back.


Yummy dish with paneer.


In the evening, we visited our favorite bar, the Nightjar in Shoreditch, and enjoyed our crazy drinks while listening to the band playing jazz and blues.

On Monday, we mostly hung out in Soho before heading back to Heathrow to grab a plane back to Copenhagen, where we arrived a bit past eight in the evening.


All in all, I had a wonderful trip and made some great memories on my 9th London trip. I dream about living there someday, just for a year or so, but we’ll see about that!

Places I've Been

A London trip and Adele in concert!

July 6, 2017

As I am writing this, I’m sitting on our hotel room terrace overlooking the small town of Porto Cervo in Sardinia, where we arrived a few hours ago. But before arriving here, we were in Alghero on the Sardinian west coast, and before that, we were in London for a few days to finally see Adele. I will write all about Alghero and our Sardinian vacation later but for now, I wanted to write a bit about our trip to London. I’ve been there seven or so times in seven years and it is probably my favorite city to stay in. This trip had a bit different purpose than my other trips though… For Christmas, I gave Jacob tickets to see Adele, whom he loves almost more than football (soccer) – which is a lot – for her final tour dates at the Wembley Arena. Ever since we’ve been so eager to go!

This time, we stayed in a newly opened boutique hotel in Shoreditch called the Curtain. The hotel itself is very nice and houses Obama-praised Swedish chef Magnus Samuelsson’s new restaurant Red Rooster, where I had the most amazing cauliflower of my life. While the hotel was everything I expected it to be – nice rooms, lovely bathroom with a shower the size of a big wardrobe, great service, and a rooftop pool (which we didn’t use due to the weather), I’m not too crazy about the Shoreditch area. In my opinion, it’s full of company buildings and people rushing to/from work; it lacks something I can’t quite put my finger on.

After arriving late on Wednesday, we went down to Red Rooster for a meal and a nightcap and were pleasantly surprised. Go here for amazing food (vegetarian options available and extremely tasty!) and lovely drinks.

The next day, Thursday, we went shopping a bit before heading home to change and fetch our Adele tickets. When we came to Wembley, there were tens of thousands of people already there, hurrying up to get in. Although we didn’t arrive until 2.5 hrs before the show, we still managed to stand close to the main stage. At 20:10, Adele entered the stage and blew everyone away.


My pre-Adele pre-party drink was this really nasty mojito in a can.

She sang all our favorite songs, and the crowd of almost 100,000 people was singing along, cheering her on. As we were standing quite close to the stage, we could see her from close range and I did notice that she struggled a bit with her voice, clearing her throat a lot. However, it was nothing that we could hear in her voice. We had so much fun, sang along, caught confetti with messages written by Adele, and just enjoyed finally being able to catch one of her shows. It turns out, it was the last show she would do for now, as she canceled her two remaining dates for Friday and Saturday due to medical issues with her vocal cords. Needless to say, we’re sooo glad we got to see her – it will definitely be a memory for life. Please excuse the poor quality of the photos – I was not allowed to bring my DSLR in, so the iPhone had to do…


The queen, Adele!


Confetti messages

Friday in London was spent shopping, eating, and drinking Pimm’s and beers in local pubs.


Cheers to you!


I really love the pub culture in London. Here we’re just off Oxford Street.

We ended our evening in Soho in one of the many restaurants in Kingly Court. As I said, it’s my seventh time in London, and I’m still getting to know the city. I’d never heard about it before and we just stumbled upon it while walking in Soho.


Carnaby was all made up for Pride Month! #LOVEHAPPENSHERE

London-kingly court

Kingly court is filled with great restaurants and places to have a drink before heading out in Soho.


Look at this yummy-ness! Pitta bread with halloumi and vegetable souvlaki with tzatziki, and a greek salad from Whyte & Brown.


After dinner it had started raining and so we hurried down to the tube, taking us back to the Curtain. The next morning, we left from Liverpool Station at 6 am to catch our plane to Sardinia. But as I said, more on that later…



Places I've Been

A Weekend In London – The Musts

March 13, 2016
weekend in london

London is hands down my favorite city (so far). I love the atmosphere of big cities and London just has that vibe that I can never grow tired of. For someone who easily gets bored, there are lots of things to see, do, and eat (!) in London and I love that there is something for everyone – no matter your budget or preferences. I love the many cultures that co-exist side by side and I love the diversity – you’ll never feel weird or out of place in London, that’s for sure. I even contemplated moving there for a few months while writing my master’s thesis but life got in the way, unfortunately. Although, who knows what the future holds? Maybe one day I’ll be able to extend my stay for a few months 😉

This past weekend, it was time for me to go back for my 6:th visit since 2010 (I’ve been there once a year since and I don’t plan on breaking this tradition), only this time I had my mom and my sister with me (as well as our partners). Neither of them have been in London before and so I was in charge of planning what we should see, do and eat during our two day visit, which, by the way, is way too short of a stay. We were celebrating my mom’s 55:th birthday and she had long been wanting to visit London. Needless to say, she did not return dissappointed. I had to make sure we saw all the must-see attractions in the city, while we still needed time to shop, relax, and enjoy the city with no stress. Not an easy task in such a big city, so I narrowed it down to a few musts. This is what we did on our short weekend in London:

Must #1: Afternoon Tea

For someone who’s never been to England, afternoon tea is a must in my opinion in order to get a glimpse of traditional English culture – especially when we’re dealing with mothers. Our flight on Friday was a bit delayed and we already had a tight schedule so we didn’t make it to our hotel to check in first. Instead, we headed straight to our afternoon tea appointment at the Milestone Hotel, a boutique hotel in Kensington. I’ve never been to the Milestone Hotel but oh boy, was I impressed by their staff. The smiling and chatty porter welcomed us and took care of our bags, while the concierge took our coats. We were shown into the little salon with old-fashioned interior, fresh, pink roses, and an open fire. We ordered (vegetarian afternoon tea for me and Jacob, and traditional for mom) and soon a three-tier cake stand was served with delicious sandwiches and cakes. The scones were, hand on my heart, to die for: warm, perfectly crispy on the outside and dreamlike soft on the inside. It’s not the cheapest afternoon tea you’ll find in London, but I can assure you that the scones alone were worth the pricetag of £40 per person.


Afternoon tea London

So many good cakes!

Afternoon tea London

Afternoon tea at the Milestone Hotel

Must #2: Sightseeing

My mom’s not into museums and quite frankly we didn’t have time to visit them either. So on Saturday morning we took bus 453, drove past Picadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square and hopped off just by Westminster Abbey. We walked down to Big Ben and walked over the bridge to London Eye. I’ve been on the London Eye once and while the views are great, I didn’t think it was worth it, although the others in our party did consider to go for a ride. However, my mom’s fear of height but a stop to that 😉 It had started to get quite cold as we stood on the bridge, looking out on the Thames, so we took the Underground to Tower Hill, where we enjoyed a walk around the London Tower and over the Tower Bridge, with hot beverages at hand to warm us as it only got more chilly. On Sunday we took the bus down to Green Park and visited Buckingham Palace. We only realized it was Changing of the Guards once we got there, but had no time to stay and watch so we headed back to shopping after our visit. Of course, I would have loved to show mom Harrod’s and go for a walk in Hyde Park as well, but we didn’t have time.


Hello there, Big Ben!


My mom and I <3

London Eye

London Eye

London Bridge

Jacob and I by the Tower Bridge



Must #3: The View from Hilton Park Lane/Galvin At Windows

As I mentioned, my mom didn’t want to go on the London Eye and I suggested we visit Galvin at Windows for some amazing views of London as well as delicious drinks. Last time we were in London we stayed in this hotel and completely fell in love with it. There’s just no beating the view from here. We arrived early, around 19:30 and were lucky enough to get the last table for five. We grabbed a couple of drinks, enjoyed the view, and then headed to our dinner reservation in Covent Garden. Drinks aren’t exactly cheap here, but on the other hand you do get a magnificent view whether you’re here during daytime or nighttime.

Galvin at Windows, London

Not the best picture, but the view from Galvin at Windows is fantastic!

Must #4: Delicious food

It’s no surprise to anyone that I absolutely love good food and I know that all restaurants in London aren’t great. Bad food can really ruin a trip for me (as it has before in London), so I had made reservations beforehand. On Friday, we went to my favorite Indian place Masala Zone in Soho. I really love, love, love their food and always eat here when I’m in London. On Saturday we were thinking about going for burgers at Patty & Bun, but it was jam-packed with people and we’d have to wait for a while for a table, so we went across the street for burgers instead. On Saturday, I had reserved a table at Italian restaurant Clos Maggiore, said to be one of the most romantic restaurants in London. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a table in the beyond beautiful Conservatory, but we did get a table in the restaurant, which has an open fire and is quite romantic as well. I had the truffle pasta and it was one of the best ones I’ve ever had, with freshly grated truffles on top. On Sunday Jacob and I ate lunch by ourselves at Tommi’s Burger Joint (which also has a restaurant in Copenhagen) – delicious as always.

Masala Zone, London

My absolute favorite Indian food at Masala Zone

Truffle pasta London

Truffle pasta with mushrooms at Clos Maggiore


Must #5: Shopping

Because we didn’t have much time, we decided to stay around Oxford Street for all our shopping. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything I liked but I did drool at the dresses from House of CB on the -2 floor of Topshop. Mom and my sister went wild at Primark, while I looked at way too expensive stuff I’ll never buy at Selfridges. I was looking for a nice pair of good quality vegan boots (non-leather) but couldn’t find a single pair I liked. So I only went home with a top extra in my suitcase, but I’ll make up for that on my New York trip next month…

London by night

Regent Street by night – again, not the best pic, but you get it 😉