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2017 in Review Part 2 – Sardinia, A Wedding, Venice, and Surprises

January 12, 2018

The first part of my 2017 was pretty great. So what did the other half of the year look like?

Well, after seeing Adele in London, we hopped on a flight to Sardinia, where we spent two weeks. We went to Alghero, drove up to Porto Cervo, down to San Teodoro, and ended our stay at the Falkensteiner Resort, which was all kinds of fabulous and my favorite place in Sardinia. Wish I could have stayed there forever! To be honest, I had such high hopes for Sardinia but it was a bit of a letdown. I mean, it was beautiful, especially the beaches. But it was also heavily influenced by its many years of being a tourist island. On the coast, everything was expensive, there were (loud, annoying) tourists everywhere, the standard of the hotels was generally very low while the prices were very high, and in the evening everything sort of just died out. However, we did stop by in Sassari, which I really liked. Not as many tourists, because it wasn’t a coastal town, it was big, had many restaurants, shops, locals, parks… I’d actually recommend others to stay in Sassari for a few days and get a car to drive out to the beaches of Northern Sardinia, which are known to be some of the best on the islands. Oh well.



After coming home, I was struck by the post-vacation blues. Denmark was rainier, colder, and grayer than any summer I’ve spent here, which made it hard to really enjoy summer.

In August, one of my best friends, Anna got married. The wedding was held on the beautiful Swedish west coast in Anna’s family summer house. Jacob and I first drove up to Gothenburg, which we completely fell in love with, before driving another few hours up to the wedding. We arrived in the evening and everyone was outside by the grill, eating hotdogs and drinking beer. The Swedish west coast is truly one of the most beautiful, serene places I’ve been to and I definitely want to go back there sometime soon. On Friday, when we arrived, the sun was shining for like the first time that summer. On Saturday, the day of the wedding, it was raining like never before. I ate some breakfast and drove up to Anna’s summer house to get her ready for the wedding. We popped some champagne, and I fixed Anna’s hair and makeup. Made it back to where we were staying in the nick of time, put some makeup and clothes on and drove down to the church.

The ceremony was beautiful, and we all sang The Beatles’ All you need is love as the newly married couple and their son walked out of the church. We ate great food, cried to beautiful speeches, laughed at old pictures of the couple, drank lots of wine and danced all night.

The next day, the sun was shining again, and we drove back home to Copenhagen.


On October 1, my little niece was “baptized” and Jacob and I had the honor of being her godparents. I write baptized in quotation marks because it wasn’t really a traditional baptism in a church but rather a so-called “name giving”, which many Scandinavians do instead, as we’re generally not that religious up here. I even made the cakes!


Just a week later, it was time to hop on a plane once again and go to Venice for the first time ever. I made a diary about it which you can read about here:

Day 1 – First impressions and a Gondola Ride

Day 2 – Exploring Venice

Day 3 – Enjoying the Last Rays of the Sun



By Halloween, we were off to London again (!). I bought my fabulous new bag at Stella McCartney the first day we got there, we shopped a lot, drank beers and Pimm’s, went to see Mamma Mia, had drinks at the world’s best bar at the Savoy and much more.


In November, my fantastic, gorgeous, funny, smart cousin visited us from Croatia for a week. She’d never been in Scandinavia before so we were quite eager to show her around, even though it was freezing at that point 🙂



Then came December, which is always crazy. There are so many things to do at work and in life and so little time to do it. One weekend, I was surprised by one of my other best friends, Martina, with a visit. She just showed up in my living room out of nowhere on a plain Saturday. I’d planned to go to Sweden that weekend but all of a sudden, my sister and mom changed plans and I was kind of bummed about it. Jacob, of course, knew that Martina was coming and had told them to not make plans with me. But I was so sad about them canceling on me that I was sad that whole Friday evening. Jacob tried to cheer me up by saying “I know you’ll have a really good day tomorrow…….” but I wasn’t having it. That Saturday, Jacob had just left to buy something when the door opened again. I was working on my laptop and suddenly, Martina, whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years was just standing there.

Martina is one of my oldest friends, we’ve known each other since we were 7 but she lives in Oslo now, so we rarely see each other. We had lots to talk about over pasta and two bottles of crémant.



Then came Christmas. I spent a few hours with my side of the family, before heading over to Jacob’s side of the family. It’s so nice to have everyone close by during the holidays.

New Year’s Eve was fabulous! We were around 8 people who had great food, lots of wine and champagne, I arranged a music quiz, and at 12, we looked out the windows at the fireworks while singing ABBA. I danced all night and had the best time! Just the way any year should end if you ask me.




2017 in Review – Part 1: Love, Paris, Barcelona, London & Adele

January 4, 2018

2017 was quite a wonderful year! So let’s look at my year in review…

January is, like all Januaries have always been, quite boring. I know that my better half Jacob would disagree because it’s his birthday in January but it is such a horrible month. It’s cold, wet, dark, and way too long. And really uneventful. As is February. March, however, is always a good month. The days get longer, the sun finds its way back to Copenhagen, and the Danes end their hibernating and actually start going out among people again.

March was the month that my little niece came into our lives and I became an aunt for the first time. Her name is Mila and she continues to charm me every single day. Though the birth was a bit problematic for both my sister and my niece, I remember feeling so happy when they were finally both alright and I could see them for the first time. There she was, the tiniest human I’d ever seen with her head of black hair, her tiny little toes and fingers… It was love at first sight!

Before Mila came into our lives though, I was aching to travel. Then one day my friend Anna said she was heading to Paris and asked if I wanted to come. Two weeks later, and just some days after Mila’s birth, we boarded a plane from hell and went to Paris where we’d rented an Airbnb in Marais.

In Paris, the first thing we did was buy a bottle of Crémant and cheese which we devoured over hour-long talks. We headed down to a venue where her sister and her band, Ellen and the Shadow Cats, held their album release party/concert and it was the most fun I’ve had in years. I danced all night until my feet hurt. Well actually, until I fell flat on my face in some bar because I missed a step. Read the full post here. The next few days, Anna and I drank a lot of bubbles, ate a lot of cheese, walked around a lot, and ended up partying in a lovely apartment somewhere, where Ellen and her bandmate sang and played the guitar while we all sang along and drank ridiculously expensive champagne. We came home to our Airbnb at five in the morning and had to leave for the airport at 7. Only we couldn’t open the door, it was stuck. We gave it our all but it was a difficult, snarky Parisian door that just refused to let us in. Our host’s poor friend had to get up in the middle of the night to come over to us and let us in. He opened that damn door in like 2 seconds, by the way. Snobby Parisian door, only letting Parisians in…


I’d barely made it home from Paris when another Paris trip was booked. This time for Anna’s bachelorette party, which we decided to host in Paris. While it wasn’t the surprise bachelorette party we’d hoped for (Anna’s passport was expired and we had to tell her so she could get a new one), it was still a lovely party. We’d rented a big apartment where we ate brunch and surprised Anna with a big pink limo waiting downstairs while we were heading to dinner. The limo was very pimpy (yes, that’s a word! It is now anyway) and Anna loved it. We went out for dinner and drinks and the next day we roamed around thrift shops in Marais before heading back home again. Oh, but not before being interviewed by a large Swedish newspaper on the French election, which was held on that day… 😀


In June, I held my 30th birthday party…


…and a week later, I turned 30. I think it was the best birthday I’ve ever had. I woke up, got a lovely diamond necklace from Georg Jensen before heading off to Barcelona. I’d never been to Barcelona before but it was all kinds of AWESOME. We stayed in the lovely Ohla Eixample hotel, which was the perfect place to be. It was in a calm area, close to shopping, bars, and restaurants – plus it had a rooftop pool and great mojitos, so what else could you wish for? All in all, Barcelona was great and my birthday weekend there is one I remember as the best experiences of the year.


We were barely home for three weeks when Jacob and I hopped on a plane heading to London. We had one purpose, one that we’d been waiting for ever since the end of 2016: to see Adele live. Read that post here. She had 4 concerts in London and we were going on the second evening. We got to see her live and it was absolutely magical and wonderful and all the great things one can say. We sang along, danced in confetti, and got to see Adele up-close. Then Adele had to cancel the rest of her London show due to health reasons and we thanked our lucky stars that we were there for what ended up being her last show of that tour. Lucky us!