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A Stroll in Central Park

May 4, 2016
central park

In New York, we lived just a few blocks from Central Park so our first day we went to a nice little café for breakfast and managed to get a table for two right before it was full. We ate our omelettes and drank freshly squeezed orange juice before we walked over to the park. One thing that kind of made me sad was seeing the horses with carriages outside of Central Park – a completely inhumane and ancient practice that I understand will soon be banned in NYC (and here’s a great article on alternative ways to see Central Park). Once we got past the horses and the many men and women trying to sell us rides, it was completely calm and quiet. As if we had entered a completely different city inside of the city. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the pink cherry trees were in full bloom. The only thing that really gave New York away were the giant skyscrapers surrounding, almost guarding, the park. If you looked one way, you would only see green trees, dogs playing, and joggers on their daily run, but looking the other way you would see the iconic buildings that all make up the Manhattan skyline.

central park new york

The view from Central Park

central park new york

Jacob and a Yellow Cab

central park new york

We strolled around in the perfect weather for a few hours (took the jacket off later)

central park bench

Loved this bench

central park new york

Cherry blossom!

central park new york

We took breaks along our stroll to really take it all in

central park new york

Love these little signs. You can “adopt” a bench in order to support Central Park and you get your own sign on a bench there. Loved walking around and reading them.

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