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Flashback Friday: Beautiful Bellagio

September 4, 2015

Italy has got to be one of my favorite destinations, mainly due to two reasons: 1, it’s absolutely beautiful and 2, it’s vegetarian foodie heaven (I’m including the wine here). I’ve been in Milan quite a few times now, but last year, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a trip to Bellagio, only two hours north of Milan. Okay, I decided it and he got it as a birthday gift, but you get the drift. We rented a car at the airport (from Gold Car, I won’t make that mistake again!), a tiny and fresh little Fiat 500 with a sunroof, and headed for Bellagio. We couldn’t really decide in which one of the little villages by Lake Como we wanted to stay in, but somehow decided to go for Bellagio. To say we weren’t dissappointed would be an understatement.

Our little car wound its way up the narrow roads, with absolutely awe-inducing views of the beautiful lake Como and the mountains in the background, which still had some snow on the top. The houses were gorgeous – many (wealthy) Italians own summer residences here, and it isn’t hard to see why. Finally, we arrived in Bellagio and found the little bed and breakfast we were staying at. It was run by a really friendly and sweet Italian family, and there was a dog I could pet so naturally I was over the moon. The weather was absolutely perfect – sunny and just hot enough to wear something sleeveless, but with a soft breeze that made sure you never got sweaty as you walked around the cobbled streets.


Bellagio, Lake Como

In Bellagio…


Bellagio, Lake Como

Bellagio from the boat

One of the days we took the boat out to Villa del Balbianello close to the city of Lenno. We took the boat to Lenno and walked up to the Villa, which was such an amazing place. To think somebody has actually lived here!


Bellagio, Lake Como

Recognize this?

If you call yourself a Star Wars fan, you probably recognize the scene above. Villa del Balbianello is used as the setting for Naboo, where  Padme and Anakin got married.

Bellagio, Lake ComoBellagio, Lake Como


villa del balbianello lake como

Loggia / Villa del Balbianello

Loggia, shown above was part of the James Bond movie Casino Royale, and was used as the hospital where Mr. Bond was recuperating.

If you’re a big fan, you can even take one of the Star War tours that will show you where all the scenes were shot here.


Lake Como

Lonno – steps down to the lake

Lake Como

i Giardini di villa Melzi

lake como

View over the mountains from Bellagio

Bellagio, Lake Como

bellagio truffle pasta

And this… this is the best damn truffle pasta I have ever had. At Hotel Metropol Bellagio.

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