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Four Days in San Teodoro, Sardinia

July 27, 2017
La Cinta beach in Sardinia

After staying in family-oriented Alghero and super expensive Porto Cervo, we drove an hour south to San Teodoro. We’d heard great things about this little town, which was said to be livelier than Alghero and less expensive than Porto Cervo. The first day, we just hung out by the pool and went out to eat, to kind of get the vibe of the place. The next day, our hotel had a shuttle bus down to the main beach of La Cinta (pictured above). La Cinta is one of the most famous Italian beaches and it is a very frequented beach. Like most Sardinian beaches, the color of the water is a beautiful turquoise. However, there were just too many people for our liking and a bit too high waves to fully enjoy a good swim. Because of this, the beach is perfect for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and canoeing. Another negative was that there were no bars, restaurants or shops nearby and we hadn’t brought any water or anything. So after lying there for a few hours, we packed up and went back to the hotel pool. We had plans to explore the other beaches around San Teodoro, like Spiaggia Isuledda and Cala Brandinchi, but were just too lazy and decided to stay by the pool the rest of our stay. Very unlike me but there we were close to home, didn’t need to take the car (and thus could have a few drinks during the day), could use the hotel restaurant etc., so it was just very convenient.


By the pool, with a drink! Standard practice during our San Teodoro visit.

During the evenings, we would go out for dinner and drinks. Thankfully, the nightlife was a bit livelier than elsewhere on the island. In the evening, the bars were full of people and later on some of them moved on to the big nightclubs in San Teodoro, like Amba Night and Luna Glam. We went bar-hopping but felt too tired to go out dancing, so we just went home afterward. San Teodoro is definitely more fun if you like socializing and people-watching! In terms of restaurants, there’s almost only pizza and seafood there, so not much to choose from for us vegetarians. A bit disappointing – but at least the pizza is fantastic.

In terms of restaurants, there’s almost only pizza and seafood there, so not much to choose from for us vegetarians. A bit disappointing – but at least the pizza is fantastic. We had pizza at two places. The first one, Pizzeria San Teodoro, was a fast-food restaurant with self-service and really good pizza. The second one, Ristorante Lu Liciu, was very popular among the Italians, which is always a good sign. Get there late if you want a table though! The worst food experience, not only in San Teodoro but all of Sardinia, was a place called Da Fabio. The food and wine were okay but the service was one of the worst I’ve yet to experience. Without going into details, the servers are far too stressed and not at all service-minded. Combine that with high prices and you’ve turned me off.

All in all, San Teodoro was great to come to, especially after quiet Alghero and expensive Porto Cervo. But at this point, we were a bit sick of all the exploring, driving off to beaches, seeing new things etc. So when it was time to leave, we checked in to a resort to just have the time to be. More on that in my next post!


The top photo is of La Cinta beach by Steffen Kamprath used under CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

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An Honest Account of Porto Cervo, Sardinia

July 13, 2017

I’m sitting at the pool restaurant, with just half a glass of wine left. It’s hot and the sun is slowly creeping up on the small spot of shadow that I’d managed to find. A few days ago we left Porto Cervo, and that’s the place I’m writing about today. Porto Cervo is the capital of the Costa Smeralda, and I have so many complicated feelings towards it, which I will take you through in this post.

After a bit of an underwhelming experience in Alghero, we were glad to move on to something a bit different. The drive to Porto Cervo from Alghero took around 2 hours and we stopped in Sassari for lunch. Sassari is not a coastal town and I’d not even heard of it while doing my research on Sardinia, but we were pleasantly surprised during our short stop there. The town is quite big, buzzing with restaurants, beautiful parks and loads of locals. There was even a vegan restaurant there, while we struggled to find even vegetarian food in Alghero. Either way, we had lunch at a cozy little place called Pan Café, which I highly recommend. They had vegan croissants, vegan chocolate, lots of fantastic sandwiches and food, and of course something for the meat-eaters of the world as well. The waitress, who reminded me of Amélie from Montmartre, with her quirky smile and short black hair, was the kind of person you wish you’d become friends with; smiling a genuine smile, happy to make you something off-menu if you’d prefer.


Porto Cervo is dubbed the billionaires’ paradise and you can’t fail to see why, once you get there. The city was built in the 1960’s by Prince Aga Khan IV and it is just strikingly beautiful – a true feast for the eye, for lovers of architecture. It’s a small town with close-to-none locals, beautiful small houses, and 5-star hotels. It has a yacht marina and you’ll find the top designer stores here – Gucci, Louis Vuitton, MiuMiu, Valentino, and Bvlgari grace the small city center and you will not find an H&M anywhere near here. Not even a convenience store because, apparently, the rich don’t need convenience stores, and this town is made up entirely for them.

The big, beautiful yachts line the marina and a glass of plain white wine will set you back 25 euros, should you want one. Luckily, we only spent 3 days here, or we would have no money left 😉


We stayed in a hotel close to the town center and with free parking just outside. During the day, we drove off to the beautiful beach close by called Liscia Ruja, with crystal clear, turquoise waters. One of the days we tried going to another popular beach in the area called Capriccioli, but I really can’t recommend it. While the waters are as beautiful as the rest of the Smeralda Costa, it is a very small beach, and completely packed with people. So we left for Liscia Ruja, where we stayed for both days of our Porto Cervo stay. Liscia Ruja is also called Long Beach. Here, you can either bring your own sun chairs or towels or rent a sunbed at ridiculous prices. Two sunbeds and one umbrella cost 50 euros – for the rows in the back. Should you want close proximity to the water, it will cost you up to 80-90 euros…. And that is not even including the parking at 2,50 euros per hour. But what’s all that money for the clientele here, really? 😉


The best part about Porto Cervo is that there are some really good restaurants there. The worst part about Porto Cervo is that it is ridiculously expensive and only has two types of people: the super-rich, and the not-that-rich who are curious about this little town and the lifestyle it hosts. If one is up for partying, there’s plenty of partying to do here and you might just spot a celebrity or two while you’re there. However, if you don’t have the money that comes with the lifestyle, chances are that you will be ignored in many of the bigger clubs. In Porto Cervo, money talks louder than anything else, which is what I didn’t like about it.

With that being said though, Porto Cervo is stunningly beautiful. Like something out of a fantasy or a fairy-tale, with every inch of the city perfectly planned out and thought of.


Delicious Cacio e Pepe at Elite Promenade


A Moscow Mule at Zamira Lounge


And a vodka sour with passion fruit! So yummy!

If you have money to spend and want to spend it with other people who also have money, Porto Cervo is a town for you. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are experiencing the real, true Italy because there’s no genuine Italian spirit here whatsoever. Italy isn’t this perfect and this adapted to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It isn’t a planned-out town built entirely for the billionaires to play in. But if that’s not what you’re expecting, and you want a bit of the glitz and glam then Porto Cervo is the place to be in.


One handsome Dane!


Truffle pasta (my favorite!) at Madai Restaurant.

Beach: Liscia Ruja was great, but we didn’t visit that many others…
For food: Elit Promenade Café has the most delicious pasta on the island and at “bargain” prices as well!
For drinks: Zamira Lounge has delicious drinks, lovely staff and is reasonably priced.



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Five days in Alghero, Sardinia

July 9, 2017

Driving to Alghero

After arriving at Cagliari Airport, we got our rental car and drove into the city for a pizza lunch before heading off for Alghero. Luckily, Jacob is the designated driver, always, and I was able to catch some sleep on the 3-hour long ride. We arrived in the afternoon and headed out to the city a bit early. Alghero is located in the North-Western part of Sardinia if you’ve never heard of it. Eager to start our vacation, we went for dinner quite early and later went for a drink at a wine bar. After that, seeing as it was Saturday and all, we had planned to continue on partying but were disappointed to find that the city pretty much falls asleep after 23. Even on a Saturday. What a bummer!

Alghero is packed with people in the high season. There are plenty of small boutiques and shops, gelaterias, cafés, and restaurants in the old town. The old part of town is protected by huge walls, perfect to take a walk on and catch the sunset. Plus, from there, you get a lovely view of the harbor and the ocean.


View of Alghero from the city walls


Us <3


Small alleys everywhere


Alghero harbor

The beaches of Alghero

The best part about Alghero, though, is the nearby beaches. There are some in the city, but they’re not very charming, so you would need a car to get to the better beaches, which we did every day of our trip. The best one was La Bombarde.

On our last two nights, we went up to a small bar called Buena Vista where one can get a kick-ass mojito and the most beautiful view of the sunset. Everyone gathered there, drink in their hand, and enjoyed the sunset with their loved ones. The waitress is Swedish and very friendly, which always is a plus in my book 😉


La Bombarde Beach in Alghero


Look at those cristal clear waters!


Jacob reading a book with a view


A beautiful  sunset



Mojito and Caiprinha in the sunset!

Honestly, though…

To be honest, at first, I wasn’t very keen on Alghero. It is filled with families with small children, tourist trap restaurants, and a bit too sleepy for my taste. But once I got past that, got to know the town and took it for what it is, I did end up enjoying our stay, even though it wasn’t what I had in mind.

After 4 days and 5 nights, we packed our bags, checked out, and moved on over to the east coast and Costa Smeralda… but more on that later!


Yummy pasta! The selection for vegetarians wasn’t the best in Alghero, seeing as most food is fish and seafood. However, I did find pasta here and there…


Found a little cat-themed shop!


Flowers galore!


Alghero by night!

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A London trip and Adele in concert!

July 6, 2017

As I am writing this, I’m sitting on our hotel room terrace overlooking the small town of Porto Cervo in Sardinia, where we arrived a few hours ago. But before arriving here, we were in Alghero on the Sardinian west coast, and before that, we were in London for a few days to finally see Adele. I will write all about Alghero and our Sardinian vacation later but for now, I wanted to write a bit about our trip to London. I’ve been there seven or so times in seven years and it is probably my favorite city to stay in. This trip had a bit different purpose than my other trips though… For Christmas, I gave Jacob tickets to see Adele, whom he loves almost more than football (soccer) – which is a lot – for her final tour dates at the Wembley Arena. Ever since we’ve been so eager to go!

This time, we stayed in a newly opened boutique hotel in Shoreditch called the Curtain. The hotel itself is very nice and houses Obama-praised Swedish chef Magnus Samuelsson’s new restaurant Red Rooster, where I had the most amazing cauliflower of my life. While the hotel was everything I expected it to be – nice rooms, lovely bathroom with a shower the size of a big wardrobe, great service, and a rooftop pool (which we didn’t use due to the weather), I’m not too crazy about the Shoreditch area. In my opinion, it’s full of company buildings and people rushing to/from work; it lacks something I can’t quite put my finger on.

After arriving late on Wednesday, we went down to Red Rooster for a meal and a nightcap and were pleasantly surprised. Go here for amazing food (vegetarian options available and extremely tasty!) and lovely drinks.

The next day, Thursday, we went shopping a bit before heading home to change and fetch our Adele tickets. When we came to Wembley, there were tens of thousands of people already there, hurrying up to get in. Although we didn’t arrive until 2.5 hrs before the show, we still managed to stand close to the main stage. At 20:10, Adele entered the stage and blew everyone away.


My pre-Adele pre-party drink was this really nasty mojito in a can.

She sang all our favorite songs, and the crowd of almost 100,000 people was singing along, cheering her on. As we were standing quite close to the stage, we could see her from close range and I did notice that she struggled a bit with her voice, clearing her throat a lot. However, it was nothing that we could hear in her voice. We had so much fun, sang along, caught confetti with messages written by Adele, and just enjoyed finally being able to catch one of her shows. It turns out, it was the last show she would do for now, as she canceled her two remaining dates for Friday and Saturday due to medical issues with her vocal cords. Needless to say, we’re sooo glad we got to see her – it will definitely be a memory for life. Please excuse the poor quality of the photos – I was not allowed to bring my DSLR in, so the iPhone had to do…


The queen, Adele!


Confetti messages

Friday in London was spent shopping, eating, and drinking Pimm’s and beers in local pubs.


Cheers to you!


I really love the pub culture in London. Here we’re just off Oxford Street.

We ended our evening in Soho in one of the many restaurants in Kingly Court. As I said, it’s my seventh time in London, and I’m still getting to know the city. I’d never heard about it before and we just stumbled upon it while walking in Soho.


Carnaby was all made up for Pride Month! #LOVEHAPPENSHERE

London-kingly court

Kingly court is filled with great restaurants and places to have a drink before heading out in Soho.


Look at this yummy-ness! Pitta bread with halloumi and vegetable souvlaki with tzatziki, and a greek salad from Whyte & Brown.


After dinner it had started raining and so we hurried down to the tube, taking us back to the Curtain. The next morning, we left from Liverpool Station at 6 am to catch our plane to Sardinia. But as I said, more on that later…



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Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell

June 26, 2017

So I told you yesterday about how I spent my 30:th birthday in Barcelona a few weeks ago. But today I want to show you what we did the rest of our weekend in Barcelona. After a lovely breakfast in our hotel, we decided to go sightseeing. We put on our best walking shoes (thank you Nike sneakers for existing!) and went out in the scorching hot 28 degree Celsius sun (everything above 20 is scorching hot if you’re Scandinavian…). We headed down the Passeig de Gracía, which is full of fancy shops filled with things I’ll never let myself afford – a great shopping street if you’re into Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and the likes. After a little window shopping, we took a long walk over to La Sagrada Familia…

weekend in barcelona

weekend in barcelona-1

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go inside, although I hear it’s absolutely stunning in there. The queue to get inside was extremely long, so I do suggest pre-booking if you plan to go inside.

We spent some time admiring the gothic architecture before we found a side-street to cool off with a cold drink. We then proceeded to walk up to Park Güell – a long, steep walk uphill but nothing we couldn’t handle (although admittedly, I did consider hailing a taxi). Park Güell is a public park designed by architect Antoni Gaudí, whose buildings and designs can be seen throughout Barcelona. It’s pretty big, with lots of interesting architecture and lovely views of Barcelona. Entry is free, but it costs if you want to be able to enter some parts of the park, which we didn’t. The only downside to it was the heaps of young men selling fake handbags literally everywhere.

weekend in barcelona-park guell

weekend in barcelona-2

weekend in barcelona-park guell2

weekend in barcelona-park guell3

weekend in barcelona-park guell4weekend in barcelona-park guell5

After walking around for a while, we were both really tired and headed back to the hotel. While grabbing a taxi, I tried to use the little Spanish I still know, as many taxi drivers don’t speak English, and asked ¿Puedo se pagar con la carta? (Can you pay by card?). The man said (Yes) and we jumped in. Jacob was impressed and I was proud to still know a little bit of Spanish (if you remember, I lived in Spain for some months while I was younger). He then proceeded to tell me something very quickly in Spanish and I didn’t understand a word he said. So much for boasting about my Spanish skills…


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Turning 30: Birthday in Barcelona

June 25, 2017

On my 30th birthday, I wanted to do something special, something that I love – traveling. And what better way to spend turning 30 than to celebrate your birthday in Barcelona? So off to Barcelona we went!

We had never been there before, so I was beyond excited to see the city for the first time. Copenhagen was cloudy and windy but three hours on a plane later, we touched down in beautiful Barcelona. We took a taxi to the hotel where we stayed – the Ohla Eixample. I had no idea which areas were good to stay in, but I chose the area based on the hotel and a little research – we were NOT disappointed. Upon arrival, we were greeted with cava in the reception. While waiting for our room to get ready, we changed into swimwear and went up to the rooftop infinity pool. There, we had some more cava and drinks, some food, and got a little sunburnt, too.


A little bit of cava!


My favorite dish, truffle pasta, for lunch!


Birthday-in-barcelona-4By five o’clock, I was really tired and we went down to our room for a little power nap. An hour later, the hotel sent over a bottle of cava for my birthday to our room (see top photo!), so we got ready, drank som cava and headed down to the restaurant we had booked; Viana in the gothic quarter. We had sangría, delicious food, and by the end of our meal the whole restaurant turned pitch black. Someone lit a candle on a cake and started singing Happy Birthday. I went along and sang for the unknown person we apparently were celebrating until the waitress turned around and gave ME the cake! Needless to say, I was very surprised and a wee bit embarrassed that a restaurant full of people were singing Happy Birthday to me. That’s something to tell my grandcats (haha).


Dinner with sangria


Mozzarella di bufala with smashed avocado starter – so delicious!

After dinner, we walked around in the Gothic quarter and the Rambla, before deciding to go back to Eixample for drinks. Our hotel recommended the cocktail bar Dry Martini just two blocks away and we were definitely not disappointed. Dry Martini is a speakasy and one of the best 50 bars in the world but I’ll tell you more about the bar in a later post.


After a few drinks, we walked back to the hotel and finished our bottle of cava, watching Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden on YouTube before we fell asleep in the softest, lavender scented Egyptian sheets…. pure bliss! All in all, probably the best birthday I’ve ever had. Cheers to 30!


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A Friday in Paris with Ellen Birath & the Shadowcats

April 20, 2017

Sometimes the best trips are the ones that you haven’t been planning forever. A month ago, my very good friend Anna told me she was going to Paris and asked if I wanted to come. I’m not the one to turn a trip down, so I said yes and we booked the ticket. It was honestly one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and one that made me see Paris from a new – better – perspective!

On Friday, we met at the airport and were told that our plane was overbooked and that we might not make it on. Filled with rage, we made our way through security and up to the gate, ready to make our case to whichever poor soul that had the bad luck of standing at the gate. We walked up, angrily put our stand-by tickets on the desk and said “We were told we might not make it on the plane?”, with our arms crossed, fit for fight. The very nice and smiling gentleman behind the desk said “Well of course you are! Don’t worry about it. You look very “VIP”, we can’t have you sit here and wait”. Baffled, we thanked the nice man very much and boarded the plane. The trip wasn’t very pleasant, as Vueling decided to let a very ill woman, who had various bodily fluids exit her here and there, board the plane. Poor thing!

Anyways, we arrived at our AirBnb in the 11th arrondissement a few hours later and immediately went down to the local Monoprix to buy the essentials: make-up remover, wine, and cheese. We sat at home, drank a bit, listened to music, and before we knew it we were in quite a hurry. We took an Uber to the area where Ellen played and quickly went for a pho around the corner. We were in and out in 15 minutes and made our way to the fully packed La Féline and quickly got to meet Ellen before they entered the stage.

Pho in Paris

Yummy vegan pho from Cô My Cantine on Rue de Menilmontant


Anna is so gorgeous I want to die!

The show was absolutely amazing and not at all what I’m used to. Not only was the band really, really good but people were so into it. It didn’t take long before the first couple took over the dance floor and soon I found myself dancing with a stranger, trying (in vain)to keep up with the steps. I probably looked hilarious and really, really silly, but I had so much fun!

Ellen and the Shadow Cats

Ellen and the Shadow Cats entered the stage

After the show, we stood outside the club (it was too hot inside) and chatted to various people before heading over to a different bar. When we were on our way from the bar, I managed to miss a step and fell flat on my face in front of EVERYONE. I saw the French side-eyes, quietly judging me for being too drunk but I promise that was not the case (I mean it could have been – but it wasn’t!). Bruised up, I finally managed to convince Anna that we should go home and that was the end of our Friday night in Paris…

Ellen and the Shadow Cats





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5 Things I Will Do for Myself in 2017

January 20, 2017

If you know me, you’ll know I never make any New Year’s resolutions. Simply because I am weak and never stick to them. The last time that I made a resolution was on New Year’s Eve when I was 17 and swore to quit meat. 10 minutes past midnight, I was eating a kebab (I eventually did stop eating meat on a hot July day in 2006 and never ate it since but still). However, I feel like 2016 taught me a lot and mainly reaffirmed my belief that I should nurture my relationship with myself a bit more. So I’ve decided to do some things throughout the year in order to make myself happy and to make 2017 rock!


  1. See new places

    I have a tendency to travel to places I’ve already been. I’ve been in London five times or so and while I love London, there are other places to see too! This year I want to go to places I’ve never been. I already have a sixth London trip planned but other than that I plan to explore new places this year.

  2. Read more books

    In 2016, I didn’t read that many books and I really regret that. I only read during vacations but I want to prioritize books this year. I tend to get stuck with Netflix or HBO shows because it’s just SO easy, but reading gives me so much more. Jacob got me the Harry Potter book set for Christmas and I’ve already startedI just love being so caught up in a book that I simply can’t put it down.

  3. Stay active

    You might be thinking “Oh, what a cliché!” but hear me out. This is not a resolution to work out more but simply to continue working out – yes, even BORING cardio. I love lifting weights in the gym with some old-school hip-hop in my ears. It makes me feel strong and most importantly it keeps my back problems in check. I never feel bad when I work out, I am in the moment, focusing on what’s in front of me: the weights and the amounts of reps and sets I need to do. And even though I hate doing cardio, I love the rush I get when I walk out of the gym. So for 2016, I will continue to work out, not because I need to get in shape but for the sake of my mental health.

  4. Stop thinking about consequences

    I have a  tendency to over-think stuff. Before I do something, I tend to think about the different scenarios in which it could play out. The what ifs and the buts tend to dominate my inner conversation and it usually ends up with nothing. I realize that this is not something that happens overnight, or even in a year but I do plan on keeping this in mind.

  5. Say “No” and “Stop”

    I was always taught to be polite. To smile and nod. To do things for others. But I’ve become rather sick of it during the past few years and I’ve gotten better and better at saying no to doing things I don’t want to do. I’m better at speaking up when I hear someone pull a sexist or racist joke. But I plan on getting even better. I’m going to say no more, even to people that I’m afraid of hurting. I’m not going to stand there and listen to people tear women apart or using the N word or talking bad about Muslims. I’m not here for it and I am going to make that clear.



2016 in Review – Part 2

December 31, 2016

The second part of 2016 started rather well. We were in Hvar, getting day drunk at Hula Hula Beach Bar (as always), reading books, sleeping ’til late, and dancing the nights away. We spent one day/night in Split and headed back home to Denmark.


In Hvar


Floating in the Adriatic..

A few weeks later, Jacob’s step-sister got married and we all went all the way to Mariager in Jylland (a 5 hour or so drive) for the weekend. A few weeks later we had another gathering on Jacob’s side of the family and come August, I learned that I was going to be an aunt. I went to visit my sister and she said that she needed to show me something. Our dad and his girlfriend were there and she didn’t feel like telling them right away. She opened the drawer of her vanity table and showed me 3-4 pregnancy tests – all positive. She had just learned that morning and was beyond excited. I immediately started to plan what type of cat outfits I’d buy for the baby 😉


Jacobs side of the family while on their aunt’s and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary.

One of my good friends in Copenhagen, Maija, moved back to Finland and so I went to say goodbye. My article on animal-friendly traveling was published in the Huffington Post, and my dad turned 60.

In September, Jacob and I celebrated 7 years together. I still can’t believe we’ve been together for so long but I feel like each year keeps getting better. That same month, I decided to get Invisalign to straighten my teeth out. I’m half way in now and by March I’ll have straight teeth! Cannot wait 🙂

We kind of decided on a whim to go to Rome for a weekend trip in October. We had never been there, but both longed to visit the city. So two weeks later, we sat on a flight down to Rome with a group of annoying Swedes who decided it was the perfect time to get drunk. Rome was sunny and warm, filled with cultural and historical sights, good food, even better wine and even a cat shelter, which I, of course, visited. I still haven’t gotten around to writing about Rome but I promise I will. I just have so many photos to go through (I took over 500 photos on my DSLR alone).


The Pantheon in Rome


A little ginger cat who belonged to the cat sanctuary. More on that next year!

I managed to get hold of two Adele tickets in November but had to keep it a secret for what felt like an eternity, as it was my Christmas gift for Jacob. Oh, and then there was November 9, a.k.a. the day the Empire struck back if you catch my Star Wars reference. I woke up in complete shock over Trump’s win. It felt like the big bully in school was getting praise. It felt like Darth Vader (but less cool) killed all of the rebels and told them to suck it (although I doubt Trump would be that classy). I decided I would just go to the gym and lift some really heavy weights and stay mad at the world for a while.


We all listened to the baby’s heartbeat one evening in December. Look at my beautiful sis and her lovely belly! <3

I also visited Malmö a few times and in December we got a small Christmas tree to get in the holiday spirit. Turns out, cats love to fight over the tree and it ended up looking rather ragged at the end 😉 Our Christmas was spent at my brother-in-law’s place with lots of good food, wine, and music.


We were in Malmö with my sis and her boyfriend, and ate at Eatery Social Taqueria which I looooved.


My cat Pelle tangled himself up in the Christmas tree lights…


4th of Advent.

As December ends and I look back at the year that’s been, I did have some wonderful times. My best memories are of all my travels; wandering the streets of New York, having a drink in London, dancing with strangers in Croatia, being astounded by the surroundings in Rome… Traveling is the essence of living and  I can’t wait to see even more places next year. Like I say to Jacob every time he complains about my wanderlust: on our death beds, we’ll remember all the things we’ve experienced, not all the things we’ve bought. So for me, there’s no better way to spend my time and money than to travel the world, see new places, and continue to be marveled at the things I see. I wan to collect experiences rather than things and I plan to continue doing just that in 2017.

A Happy New Year to you all! 



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2016 in Review – Part 1

December 31, 2016

2016! What a year. There was an ongoing war in Syria, the Zika virus, we lost several legends (I’m talking to you Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, Carrie Fischer, and Debbie Reynolds), terrorist attacks in Brussels, Nice, München, and Berlin (not to mention in the Middle East!), the shootings in Orlando, things aren’t looking too bright for the environment with record high temperatures on the North Pole. Then came Brexit. And Trump. Who would’ve thought? Sure, there were good things that happened too but 2016 will always be remembered by the many negative events. Let’s hope 2017 will get better!

Thankfully, my 2016 was quite alright. So I wanted to take a look back at this year and show you some of the highs and the lows for me personally.

This time last year, I was suffering from depression. It wasn’t my first time dealing with this horrible condition but it definitely doesn’t make it easier anyway. My doctor put me on sick leave and so between my weekly therapy sessions, I was doing yoga and reading books.

I spent New Year’s Eve with my brother-in-law and other friends and we had a lovely time, as usual, cheering in the New Year. January slowly went by and I went back to work in February again. I remember feeling all dizzy as I drove to work my first day back, not knowing how people would react to me being gone all this time and then suddenly coming back. Although I have suffered from depression before, I have never, ever been on sick leave and the situation was kind of weird to me. But as time went by, I started getting better and better.


Jacob & I on NYE 2015

In March me, my mom, sister and our boyfriends all went to London to celebrate my mother’s 55th birthday. She’d never been and I couldn’t wait to show her my favorite parts of London. We went for afternoon tea, ate delicious food, saw Big Ben, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye, we had drinks at Galvin by the Windows, overlooking all of London, and of course did some shopping as well. It was a short but sweet trip where we somehow managed to fit everything in, in just a few days. You can read more about our trip to London here.


At the airport, waiting for the flight to London.


Spring came to Copenhagen and in April I finally got to realize my dream of going to New York! It instantly became one of my favorite places ever. We had delicious food and drinks, went on top of the Empire State Building and 30 Rock (where I, unfortunately, didn’t run into my hero Tina Fey, as I had hoped), had drinks on rooftop bars, had the best pizza ever and went to the most romantic restaurant EVER in Brooklyn, did all the museums, and of course some shopping as well. All in all, it was a fantastic trip and I can’t wait to go back.

new yorknew yorkbrooklynIMG_1606IMG_1649

When we came home from NY, the jetlag was unreal and I spent my nights awake and only slept 4 hours/day for 4 days. A little while after we came home, I was visiting my sister when I got a phone call from Jacob. He told me he was at the hospital and that he had been hit by a car when he was riding his bike home from work. I hurried over to the hospital and luckily, Jacob was doing really well. I don’t believe in God or angels or miracles, but he must have had more than good luck with him that day. The car was totally smashed, as was Jacob’s bike, and he hadn’t been wearing a helmet. Things could have gone really bad but, thankfully, they didn’t.

A few weeks later, I went to Stockholm to visit my friend Sanna. We had lots of Indian food, did some shopping, watched some TV, ate at Surfers (an amazing place with fantastic food and cocktails), and just chilled. I kind of needed to get away from everything for a bit, and Stockholm is always a good idea 😉


Gamla stan (Old town) in Stockholm on a cold, gray Sunday in May.

In June, which is where I end part 1 of this review, a lot of things happened. Jacob graduated from med school after 6 years of studying (and 3 years of studies before med school) and of course, it was a huge day for him. I took half the day off work and went with him to his final exam, which he aced 😉 We celebrated with champagne and had some friends over for wine and food that same day. A few days later, I went with him to sign the Hippocratic Oath.


More champagne!


Proud girlfriend moment!

On my birthday, June 8, we went out for cocktails and dinner and celebrated with my family. We ended the month of June by going to Croatia on what felt like the world’s smallest plane. This time, we went to Dubrovnik, where we stayed at a hotel that had the best pool ever invented: a pool with a swim-in bar. Needless to say, many mojitos were consumed there. We also went kayaking, where I badly burned my shins. After five days in Dubrovnik, we headed over to “our” island Hvar.

I remember being so annoyed on the ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar. There was this large group of Americans who had absolutely no respect for anyone else. They were loud, a bit drunk, and talked about way too personal stuff. Non-confrontational as I am (and apparently, as the rest of the passengers were too), I moved someplace else after a few hours 😉 Hvar was marvelous, as always, but more on that in part two so check back later…

dubrovnik kayaking



Just chilling in the pool 🙂