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Off to Montenegro…first stop Kotor

July 29, 2015

After dropping our cats off at a friends’ house for “catation” (cat+vacation… it’s a thing) we set the clock to 04:00, but only managed to get 3-4 hours of sleep. Copenhagen was cold, but the sun had just risen and cast its rays on us as we made our way down to Frederiksberg metro station to go to the airport. There, we had our traditional vacation breakfast at the bakery Lagkagehuset before boarding the plane and jetting off to Dubrovnik, as there are no flights from Copenhagen to Montenegro. Two hours later, we set foot in Dubrovnik airport and went to the place were we had reserved a car for our stay.

“How cold is it where you’re from?” the lady behind the desk asked. “18 degrees”, I answered and waited for the usual “Oh my god! In July? Are there icebears?!” that I normally get from people south of Austria but instead she replied “Oh… that is perfect! It should never be hotter than that” and informed us that it had been 34 degrees Celsius at 8:00 that same morning. We hopped in our Ford Fiesta, a printed Google map at hand and began driving south to the border that separates Croatia and Montenegro.

I had feared the border control as I know they can be royal a-holes down here, despite my mom’s reassuring that it was no longer that way. See, whenever we visited family in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia when I was younger the border control would always mess with us. Sitting in a car without air condition in scorching sun 35 degrees Celsius wasn’t that appealing and after being stopped for the umph-tieth time one summer, my dad had enough, opened the trunk of our car, grabbed a bottle of wine and 100 deutsche marks and was away for five minutes. Magically, we were allowed to finally move along.

This time though, my mom was right and they barely glanced at our passports as they let us through. We arrived in Kotor two hours later and after some time find the place where we were staying. It was just outside the Old Town of Kotor and was newly refurbished, clean, with a balcony overlooking the small town, which according to Wikipedia first was mentioned in 168 BC… older than Jesus that is!

We quickly learned that there are no beaches in Kotor and we were so tired that day that we stayed inside, parked below the airconditioner, sometimes getting out to the balcony to, once again, conclude that yes, it’s still freakin’ hot – 40 degres that day.

In the evening, we went out to grab a bite at a restaurant located in the old town called Luna Rossa with picturesque surroundings and a fan spraying water to cool us down. I had a tasty risotto with vegetables accompanied by white bread. Later, we decided to try one of the local bars and found one which had 5 different types of mojitos on their menu. We thought, that since they bragged so much about these mojitos we would try them. They were absolutely horrible.

Luna Rossa in Kotor

Luna Rossa in Kotor


Mojito is my absolute favorite cocktail and if I could drink it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and while I sleep, I would but I don’t because…well, social acceptance, alcolism and so on. Jacob has also learned to like mojitos and so whenever we’re travelling we like to try mojitos to see where we can get the best one. So far, we’ve tasted many good mojitos, the best in Berlin, and many bad mojitos but this was beyond anything bad we’ve ever tasted. Normally, the bad ones are still drinkable, but this…if I’d describe it, I’d say it tasted something like gas mixed with sugar. White sugar. We left our glasses half-full, bought some Coca-Cola and went home to our airconditioner.


Risotto with vegetables

PS: Sorry about the poor image quality, I’ve just gotten a new camera lens and am still working it out…

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