My Travel Bucket List – The Top 10

November 20, 2015
New york skyline

If I could be one of those really, really artistic persons who writes a book once every ten years and can live off it, that’s what I would do. And when I’m not writing my future bestseller novel, I would be traveling the world with people I love (of course, I would be so rich none of my friends would need to have a job so that they can travel with me, haha), discovering what so many others already have discovered, but in my own way. I would eat at fabulous restaurants, take fancy cooking classes, go to wine tastings and go truffle hunting with one of those truffle dogs. Oh, what a wonderful world it would be. Unfortunately, I am not one of those super-skilled, bestselling writers. And despite my childhood goals and dreams, I am not super rich either. So I will have to keep my 9-5 and take every chance I get, every vacation week I have, to go travelling the world. So far, despite being a student most of my life, I have managed to travel to France, Germany, Spain, England, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, and Bosnia. But there are sooo many cities left to visit. So many good restaurants left to try. So many pictures to take. So much wine to drink… You get the drift. Anyway, here’s my top 10 travel bucket list, in no particular order:

New York
Ever since I was a child, I’ve been wanting to go to this magical city. I’ve been singing “New York State of Mind” by Jay Z so loud in clubs, Americans have approached me, thinking  I was one of them. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something drawing me towards New York, despite the stress and the many people there. I want to eat in one of those hipster restaurants, try the world’s best best (vegan!) burger, drink cocktails in some fancy new bar, drive in a yellow cab, see 30 Rock, go to the Jimmy Fallon taping, go for a walk in Central Park, shop ’til I drop, party on rooftop terraces and maybe run into Lena Dunham, my dream BFF. Anyhow, I’ve decided I’m going there in 2016. It’s time to start living 😉

I’ve been wanting to go to Japan ever since I was 16 and watched my first anime movie. I want to visit in spring, when the cherry blossom’s in full spring. I feel like there are so many fun, weird, and cool things to try here I would need to stay a month at least!

tokyo skyline

We were supposed to visit Sardinia this summer but we were out a bit late and everything was super expensive. However, I really want to visit this Italian island, eat good food, visit the magical beaches etc.

I do have a thing for the Mediterranean! Although French food isn’t particularly my taste, I’ve heard that Nice is a bit influenced by Italy and Italian food is my favorite. I’d love to stroll down the promenade, dive into the waters of the Côte d’Azur, shop clothes I can’t afford and drink mojitos while admiring the sunset.

Cape Town
To be honest, I really want to see the penguins. I bet Cape Town’s amazing, but the penguins are what makes me want to book a flight now, now, now!

Cape Town penguins

I don’t know if I’ve been watching too many TV-dramas or if it’s the fact that I could combine a New York City visit with a beach vacation, but Hamptons is also a must-visit for me. I want to stay in a huge villa with a pool, have a cocktail in my hand 24/7 and wear pretty summer dresses.

The reason I haven’t been in Venice yet is the crowds. I hate crowds. Sometimes crowds are okay, but most of the time I hate them and I’ve heard that it is extremely crowded here. So for me, this would be a visit either in early spring or fall, when most other people aren’t there.

Mexico in general
There are so many places in Mexico I want to visit… Playa del Carmen, Cabo, Zihuatanejo, Tulum just to name a few. I really don’t like tequila (it reminds me of too many drunken nights in my start 20’s) but I will eat so many beans, and tacos, and whatever else a foodie vegetarian can get her hands on. Mexico has the history and the beautiful beaches. Plus, it would be an opportunity to brush up on my Spanish skills.

Cape Verde
Sure, I’ve heard of Cape Verde before but it was honestly the TV show White Collar that made me want to “go to there” as Tina Fey would say. The handsome, out-of-this-world-beautiful man flesh that is Matt Bomer was there in season 4 and it just seemed like such a beautiful place to visit. I have no idea what to expect in Cap Verde but the beaches, the colorful buildings and the promise of sun sounds compelling.


History, good food, good wine, and fine art. It’s a shame I haven’t visited this European cultural capital yet, and I plan on doing so whenever I get the chance. It’s only a 3 hour flight away, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get away over a long weekend. With Rome, I really look forward to discovering the small streets, visiting museums, drinking good wine, maybe renting a little Vespa if we get the courage and find a small restaurant serving pizza so good I dream about it for the years to come.

One thing I need to add here… I would love to visit Australia but my phobia of spiders and other insect creatures prevents me. I think that the panic from just seeing a huge, furry spider with its too many legs would send me into a coma, or give me a heart attack. So Australia, I’d love to visit but maybe next time never.

Have you been to one of these desitonations? And which ones would you recommend? Let me know!



Pictures all under Creative Commons license:
Top picture/New York: Arne Bornheim
Tokyo: Moyan Brenn
Cape Town: Matthew
Cape Verde: Caroline Granycome


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  • Reply Erika November 20, 2015 at 19:08

    Åh, Rom är fantastiskto och Sardinien också! Jag var liten när jag var på båda ställena, men Rom minns jag mest av. Helt fantastisk stad, så himla mycket att se. Tyvärr vet jag inte hur barer/restaurangerna är, men jag jag har hört av andra att det är trevligt där. Sardinien är också väldigt vackert!

    • Reply Anja November 23, 2015 at 13:29

      Åh vad bra, måste verkligen besöka båda och jag kan bara tänka mig pastan/pizzan där! MUMS! 😀

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