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My Most Liked Instagram Photos of 2016

December 28, 2016

If you have Instagram, chances are you have seen the hashtag #bestnine2016. It combines nine of your most liked photos from 2016 into one square, Insta-friendly photo. So I thought we should have a look at my top 9 photos of 2016… They are:


9. Poolside drink


This photo was taken by the pool at our hotel in Dubrovnik in July. I spent most of my days by the pool, reading good books and sipping on either a mojito or a Coke Zero because, well, vacation! Seeing as the pool was only 1-2 meters away, I could just jump in to cool off when the sun was too hot. Oh, how I miss it!

8. Times Square

New york

A lot of my most liked photos are from New York. Here I am standing on Times Square, a place that simultaneously astounds and scares me. It was one of our shopping days in the Big Apple and I had some Sephora hauling to do. Jacob wanted to watch a game in some pub, so I just went shopping on my own. I remember feeling like I could never get used to Times Square, it was just TOO MUCH! Too many people, too many screens, too many ads, just too much of everything. Yet it fascinated me and I just stood there, slightly dizzy, trying to make sense of it all.

7. The New York Skyline at Night


Ah, this one is my favorite NY photo. It was taken at rooftop bar The Press Lounge one night when we met a friend of mine + her friends there for some drinks. I wrote about it here. You know how, before you go somewhere, you have a vision of what that place looks like and what views you are going to see. This was my vision of New York before I got there. This is exactly what I had pictured, and I remember standing there, drink in my hand, just feeling happy that I finally got to see it. And to post in on Instagram 😉

6. Top of the World

Empire state building view

This is New York from the top of the Empire State Building on a somewhat foggy spring day. Unfortunately, we picked the only day of our trip that was really foggy to go see New York from the top. Nevertheless, it was majestic. I mean LOOK at that view. Even though I am really scared of heights, this was a lovely experience and we could really see how huge Manhattan is.

5. Me at the Met

the met new york

This is me at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and my wonderful new lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills – it’s called Rio and I love it almost as much as I love cats (but let’s be real). It is taken in the Gallery 548 – the Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court. Read more about our visit to the Met (and other NY museums) right here.

4. The Vegan Guide to Dubrovnik

vegan in dubrovnik

A food pic! This picture is from my vegan guide to Dubrovnik and fourth on my list. The food in question is from one of my all time favorite veg*n restaurants called Nishta.

3. Brooklyn Bridge and I

brooklyn bridge liveandletsgo

To be honest, I hate this picture of me because it’s taken from my bad angle (look and you’ll see I almost never pose from this side! 😛 ). But I put my vanity aside and posted it anyway. This was taken on our last full day in New York. It was freezing and raining and I just wanted to take the subway back to our hotel but we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge anyway and I am glad we did. We walked there as the sun set and once we were in Manhattan it was completely dark (and very cold). We hurried into a Starbucks where I had some tea, before we walked over to our favorite Mexican restaurant and had some Sangría.

2. Wine in Soho

new york

This is one of my favorite memories. We were out shopping all day and walked from Downtown to Soho, doing some real shopping and some window shopping. It was sunny and hot and New York was packed with people. We slid into one of the side streets and found a really nice place on a corner, ordered two glasses of Chardonnay and sat by the open window. They had no wifi, so we were forced to actually talk to eachother and it was great 😉 We returned here the next day as well and really fell in love with the whole area. Next time, we’re definitely staying in Soho.

1. A delicious sandwich

social copenhagen

Seeing that this was the most liked photo on my feed during 2016 was a bit of a surprise. It’s an avocado sandwich with zucchini bread from a lovely place called Social here in Copenhagen. I’ve written more about it in this post.

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