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Kayaking in Dubrovnik

June 30, 2016
kayaking in dubrovnik

Yesterday we decided to go kayaking in Dubrovnik. We had talked to one of the sales people who stand outside of the old city who told us to meet up the next day. We met our group around 11:45 down by the entrance to the old town and then proceeded down to one of the beaches where the kayaks were. We had two guides with us, who were both friendly and instructed us in how to kayak. It’s really not that hard: just do it simulatenously (with your partner) and follow the guides. Off we went!

kayakig in dubrovnik


We went off to the island of Lokrum, just outside of Dubrovnik and this nice cave.

kayaking in dubrovnik

Entering the cave


kayaking in dubrovnik2

Inside of the cave the water was very, very clear as you can tell..

We had initially planned to visit Lokrum, as all the locals say it’s a must. Taxi-boats drive you there in 15 minutes and the only inhabitants of this island are… peacocks! There are also lots of exotic plans, a monastery that is first mention way back in 1023, a lake, and a few restaurants. Unfortunately we’ve been lazy and have just enjoyed staying by the pool/beach during the days.. but next time!

After the short stop in the cave we went over to another cave/beach where we stopped for a small lunch and some scuba diving – although we didn’t scuba dive, but just went for a swim instead.

kayaking in dubrovnik

View from the cave


Jacob drying in the sun after a swim

After the lunch break we headed back to Dubrovnik. During the trip the guides stopped to tell us about the history of Dubrovnik throughout the years, which was very interesting. 3 hours after we had started, we returned back to the shore and tripped over a shooting of the new series called Knightfall, directed by and starring Jeremy Renner.


The extras greeted us on one of the balconies of the great wall in Dubrovnik.


If you’re in Dubrovnik and want to get to know it from another perspective I definitely recommend going on a kayaking trip. We went with Adventure Dubrovnik, which I highly recommend, but there are quite a few companies to chose from. Just head down to the Pile Gate and talk to one of the many kayaking companies there.


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