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Our first day in New York

April 21, 2016

And so came the day when we were finally heading to New York. Going to NY has been a dream of mine since I was a child, but unfortunately I could never afford it until now. And now that we’re finally here, we’re staying for 10 days just to make sure we have enough time to really see and enjoy all of New York without rushing through it.

Yesterday morning, we packed our bags and dropped our cats off for a 10 day catcation (yes, that is what it’s called, don’t question me!) at our friend Nikolaj’s place. It’s always hard for me to leave my little babies (yes, yes, yes, I know they’re basically senior cats now) and so we spent some time cuddling when we woke up – it was the best.

Once we arrived to the airport, it was almost empty and so we could just head through the check-in, the security, and passport control and board our plane. We watched movies and slept through the flight, so the 8.5 hours it took passed by rather quickly. However, as we were descending I started to get really naucious. The descend was really bumpy and I wasn’t the only one reaching for the nausea-bags (a finer word for throwing-up-bags?) but I managed to stay alive even after we landed 😉

We took the train from Newark airport to Penn Station (or as Jacob kept referring to it: Penn State – haha) and a yellow cab to our hotel. We got a room with a balcony and we’re staying on 51st street, which is just by the Rockefeller Center and 5th Avenue. After checking in, we headed out to get to know the area better and admired the Rockefeller center for a while – it really is HUGE, but most of all it’s the setting of many of our favorite shows. 30 Rock with Tina Fey is set here and I reminded myself I need to rewatch that show again for the 100th (or something) time.

Denmark is six hours ahead of New York, so after we had checked in, walked around, and eaten a bite we were dead tired – after all, it was around 11 pm at home, but only 5 pm here. We went home, watched half a movie, and fell asleep around 9 pm.

That concludes our first day here. Today, we’re well rested and plan to do and see more of this amazing city.

New york

Street view from our hotel…the other way.

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