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6 Healthy Restaurants in Copenhagen

April 3, 2016
healthy restaurants in copenhagen

There’s no denying I love a really big and greasy pizza or a creamy pasta dish combined with a few glasses of wine. However, I try to limit my unhealthy meals to one meal per week in order to not gain weight. It’s pretty easy to eat healthy at home when you’re the one in charge of cooking the meals, but eating out can be a challenge. I find this to be true especially for us vegetarians, as vegetarian meals in restaurants somehow tend to be loaded with either carbs or fat – or both. During the periods where I’m serious about my workouts I tend to eat more at home because of this, which is actually quite boring when all of you’re friends are going out to eat. Thankfully, there are more and more healthy choices and last weekend I set out to hunt them down and make a list of the best healthy restaurants in Copenhagen.

  1. Hafnia Bar – this little gem is quite new to central Copenhagen but used to be located in the suburb of Hellerup for a few years. It’s made quite a splash among the Copenhageners who seem to love their bowls, sandwiches and juices. The location, close to Kongens Nytorv and the lovely park Kongens have, is perfect and the café has a lovely atmosphere whether you’re working on your laptop alone or catching up with your friends. You’ll find both vegan and meat options here and they’re all healthy. The juices are quite expensive though at 60 DKK for a large juice.
    Where? Store Regnegade 26A, CPH K


    Acaí bowl with extra protein at Hafnia Bar.

  2. Social – A new addition to the cafés and restaurants in Nørrebro, Social manages to stand out with its gluten free and healthy menu. It’s located right by the canal just a step away from Dronning Louise’s bridge. The staff is friendly and the healthy sandwiches are equally huge and delicious, served with home made, warm zucchini bread and perfectly ripe avocados – see top photo for evidence!
    Where? Peblinge Dossering 4, CPH N
  3. Bob/Bio Mio – Don’t let the big BOSCH signs fool you, there are no electric appliances for sale here. Bob’s Diner, formerly known as Bio Mio, offers organic food for both veg*ns and meat lovers and has plenty of tables. Despite this, it was completely full on a Saturday night, so I suggest arriving early or booking a table in advance. They serve wine by the glass and by the bottle and have a small selection of cocktails as well. This place is perfect for a date.
    Where? Halmtorvet 19, CPH V
  4. Simple Raw – If you have some extra cash to spend and want a really healthy, raw and vegan meal I’d recommend a visit to Simple Raw. You’ll find everything from breakfast and brunch to healthy salads and burgers – heck, even delicious desserts.
    Where? Oehlenschlægersgade (yeah, I can’t pronounce it either) 12, CPH V and Gråbrødre Torv 9, CPH K


    Simple Raw from the outside, located on Gråbrødre torv


  5. WeDoFood – located a few steps from Bob/Bio Mio, WeDoFood is great for days when you don’t have time to cook and need something easy, quick, and healthy. You choose one of the “classics” for 69 DKK or make your own salad and pick and choose whatever you want in it. I usually do the latter and have never been dissappointed. There are some seats inside, although I wouldn’t go there to sit for hours and talk, but on sunny summer days you can also sit on the tables outside or just get your salad to go.
    Where? Halmtorvet 21, CPH V and Østerbrogade 151, CPH Ø
  6. Souls – This place officially opens April 1, but looks like a great concept. It’s located in the heart of Østerbro and is run by two Aussies who describe it as “an alternative for people who want worry-free food on the go”. Here you’ll find buckwheat pizza, avocado smash, quinoa pancakes and healthy juices. Plus: all of it is plant-based (meat available).
    Where? Melchiors Plads 3, CPH Ø

    Souls restaurant Copenhagen

    Buckwheat pancakes at Souls


Healthy Waffles with Raspberries & Caramel

February 27, 2016
healthy waffles with raspberries and caramel

It’s finally getting lighter and lighter each day and I cherish these extra hours like a good bottle of Valpolicella. I can’t wait for spring to officially start, for sunny days where I don’t have to put on layers and layers of clothes to keep warm and where I can enjoy a glass of Coca-Cola over ice alfresco style. I’m not made for the Scandinavian winters. They’re cold, dark and boring since nobody wants to go outside and do anything. So after months of cold, boring darkness I feel like spring is the season where I’m born again, where I finally come out of hibernation with renewed energy, ready to take on the world again. This extra energy needs to put to use, so I’ve started working out more which also involves eating healthier than I’ve done the last couple of months. And for days when the sun is shining, I’m in a good mood and have a little extra energy, I love making myself a good, healthy breakfast to start the day off. That’s when I whip up these secretely healthy waffles, make a cup of tea and enjoy a long breakfast with Jacob in front of whatever show we’re binge-watching at the moment.

Waffle batter
  • 1-2 Organic eggs
  • 2 tablespoons Greek yoghurt Dairy free: Soyghurt or Coconut yoghurt
  • 25 g Oats
  • 2 teaspoons Cocoa
  • 2 teaspoons Stevia granulated
For waffle iron
  • 1 teaspoon Coconut oil
  • Greek yoghurt with lemon flavour (Dairy free: Soyghurt or Coconut yoghurt with lemon/vanilla flavour)
  • Raspberries
  • Caramel syrup with no sugar
  1. Turn your waffle iron on.
  2. Mix the eggs, greek yoghurt, oats, cocoa and stevia in a blender until smooth.
  3. Coat the waffle iron with coconut oil and pour the batter. Wait a few minutes – et voilá!
  4. Add whatever topping you like – I like to use greek yoghurt or coconut yoghurt with a dash of vanilla as well as this version with lemon. Add some raspberries and top it off with the sugar free caramel syrup. I like to use a caramel syrup sweetened with maltitol from Danish brand Bodylab, but I know that Walden Farms also has one.

Healthy wafflesAs you can see, these healthy waffles are really easy to make and take little effort and time. You can of course switch the toppings out anyway you like – I sometimes also top it with vanilla yoghurt and sugar-free raspberry jam with walnuts sprinkled on top. The best thing is that this breakfast keeps you full for a long time so this is a perfect breakfast for active days to keep your energy levels up. Also, you can try using the same recipe to make pancakes – it tastes just as good.

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Your Guide to the Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Copenhagen

February 12, 2016

If you’re vegetarian or vegan and looking for good places to eat in Copenhagen, you’ll be pleased to hear that Copenhagen has been through a transformation over the last couple of years and offers plenty of choices. Back in 2014, I wrote this guide for Vilda Magazine but since then, some things have changed – new restaurants have popped up, established restaurants have decided to offer plant-based food and others have closed down. So here are my best suggestions for vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Copenhagen for 2016:

(Updated last on June 17, 2016)

Café N: One of Copenhagen’s first vegetarian cafés has recently gone all-vegan. You’ll find tasty burgers, falafels and other delicious food.
Astrid och Apornas Spiseri: A Swedish vegan supermarket opened its take-away restaurant on the hip Jægersborgsgade. Burgers and hot dogs all the way, with delicious dressing.
Max: Swedish fast food chain located right by the main shopping street Strøget has introduced five new green burgers – and they’re great.
Govinda: This Indian-inspired take-away restaurant always has vegan dishes on the menu, which changes every week.
Morgenstedet: Cozy little place with a cute garden in the middle of the freetown of Christiania.
Express Pizza: Pizza place in Nørrebro with lots of vegan options including vegan cheese, vegan “ham” etc.
Video Video: Fairly new vegan café in Christianshavn which offers food as well as something sweet and most importantly: cocktails (including a White Russian for vegans!)
Kalaset: One of my favorite cafés in Copenhagen, always has vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, and great juices too!
Souls: New café serving plant-based, delicious food that is good for the planet and good for you. Located in Østerbro.
Hafnia Bar: Here you’ll find salad bowls, acaí bowl and delicious sandwiches and the location is right in the centre of Copenhagen, close to Kgs Nytorv.
Social: A cozy little place close to the Dronning Louise bridge in Nørrebro with delicious sandwiches, chia pudding etc. All gluten-free!
von Fressen: Unpretentious, cozy place with lovely food and good cocktails in Vesterbro. Serves vegan (and vegetarian) brunch and hamburgers, as well as vegetarian lasagna. On sunny days, you can sit on the benches outside.


Atlas Bar/Urten: Two separate yet joint restaurants. In the cellar you’ll find Atlas with many vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, as well as meat options. Big portions. Try the lemonade.The neighbour upstairs, Urten, only serves vegan food.
Bollyfood: Indian food in the middle of Kødbyen with an amazing daal as the vegan option and great naanbread.
Wagamama: The japanese chain has some great veg options, my favorite is the ramen soup.
42 Raw: Denmark’s first raw food restaurant. Prices are hefty but food is good, although if you’re really hungry you might not get full. Tasty smoothies too.
Barburrito: Real Mexican food that tastes heavenly. Book a table in advance. You can choose between a vegan or vegetarian burrito and tacos.
Halifax: Popular hamburger chain which has a great concept of putting together your burger so it has exactly what you like. Ask a waiter how to make it vegan. I recommend the chickpea burger.
The South Indian: South Indian food with lots of both vegetarian and vegan options. Not your usual Indian food – this is something else.

barburrito copenhagen

Vegan burritos at Barburrito

Bio Mio/BOB Bistro: The place formerly known as Bio Mio has changed name to BOB Bistro but still offers delicious, vegan food (that is also organic) as well as something for the meaties in your life.
Simple Raw: Another raw food restaurant. I recommend the burger. Service wasn’t great when I was there, but hopefully that’s not the standard there.
Sticks and Sushi: You’ll find this popular sushi place in Copenhagen and in London and the best one is the one in Tivoli Hotel, where you overlook the entire city from the 12:th floor. Combine your own menu or get the Greenkeeper menu. Tasty cocktails.
Verandah: Indian restaurant owned partly by Michelin-starred chef Karam Sethi. There’s a “Chef’s Vegetarian Menu”, which changes every season but if you order in advance you can also get a vegan tasting menu – otherwise there’s always the a la carte. Book a table in advance as this is a pretty popular place.

sticks and sushi copenhagen

Me enjoying the view from Sticks and Sushi at Tivoli Hotel.


La Rocca: One of my favorite restaurants in Copenhagen is this Italian place with an amazing truffle pasta (which has cheese in it, so not vegan). Friendly staff, great wine.
Mother: I absolutely love their pizza with buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. Yum!
Scarpetta: Another favorite restaurant. There’s a set menu, but you can call in advance and order a vegetarian version which has never disappointed me.
Forno a legna: One of my favorite pizza places in Copenhagen with authentic Italian wooden stove pizza. You’ll find both vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.
Tommi’s Burger Joint: If you’ve been to London you might have already tried Tommi’s, and now it’s also available in Copenhagen. Good burgers, no fuss.

Mother pizza Copenhagen

Pizza Margherita at Mother.

Of course, there are many more restaurants than these that offer vegan options, but these are the ones I recommend so far. This list will be updated continually.


Top photo:

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Wining & (Vegetarian) Dining in Dubrovnik

September 2, 2015

As a vegetarian, I’m always a bit nervous when planning a trip because of the food. The things is: 1. I absolutely LOVE food 2. I’m a vegetarian. In many people’s minds, these two things don’t really go together. As if my choice to not eat meat and fish had anything to do with taste! I know that in Scandinavia, Germany, England and Italy it’s fairly easy to find really tasty food that I can enjoy as a vegetarian and Croatia is one of those places as well, as the cuisine is highly influenced by Italy. So nowadays, Croatia is one of my vegetarian foodie approved countries, which makes me really happy because I love Croatia. Anyway, I expected the food scene in Dubrovnik to be poor and expensive – but boy, was I wrong! Sure, it’s not cheap, but it’s generally really good – if you know where to go. So here are my 3 favorite spots to eat in the Pearl of the Adriatic:

1. Pizzeria & Spaghetteria Storia

After a hectic day driving from Montenegro to Croatia, and finally arriving to the last leg of our vacation we wanted a really good pasta and some red wine…. like we always do. We went to Pizzeria & Spaghetteria Storia and did not go home disappointed. The service was impeccable, the food was delicious as was the wine recommended to us by the friendly waiter. The athmosphere is very Croatian and you can’t help but enjoy the charm as you sip on your glass of red wine on the small cobble stone alley. The chef comes out in between cooking meals to talk to guests and friends who stop by, so there’s a chance to pour some compliments over him – and believe me, you’ll want to. I didn’t take any pictures here, but I assure you you won’t be disappointed.

2. Nishta

Imagine my happiness when I found an all vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Dubrovnik. That’s definitely a first. Nishta is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant with both raw food and gluten free choices on the menu, run by a Croatian/Swiss couple. The food is amazing and this little restaurant attracts both veg*ns and curious meat-eaters. There’s something for everyone here and the atmosphere is very relaxed – perfect for a lunch in the shade. We had both appetizers and a main course as we were very hungry but also because I just HAD to try as much as possible now that I had found a place where I could choose between everything from the menu. What a weird and delightful feeling. You’ll also find Nishta in Zagreb.

Vegetarian food in Dubrovnik

Jacob’s starter at Nishta.. orange scented vegan “meatballs” made of eggplant and brown rice in a delicious sweet & sour sauce

Vegetarian food in Dubrovnik

My starter… spiralized zucchini with a delicious avocado/lime sauce and fresh cherry tomatoes

Vegetarian food in Dubrovnik

Jacob’s main course – Mexican vegetarian tortillas with seitan, cheese and sour cream

Vegetarian food in Dubrovnik

Vegan Bar-bea burger (love the name) with onion BBQ sauce in naan bread with sweet potato fries and a homemade mustard sauce.

3. Dalmatino Konoba

For our last night in Dubrovnik, which was also the last night of our vacation, we wanted our favorite meal – a truffle pasta. After some heavy research, we made our way through the narrow streets and found this place. We ordered a truffle pasta and two glasses of our favorite Croatian wine – Dingac. As we sat on the narrow street and started dipping the white bread in some virgin olive oil (yum!), small drops of rain started falling on us and we moved inside where we were served an absolutely delicious truffle pasta.

truffle pasta Dubrovnik

Truffle pasta <3



Head on over to Palmotićeva street and popular wine bar D’vino, sit by one of the bar tables outside or relax on the steps where the wine bar has set up some stair-friendly small tables. We ordered some Dingac (again) and a delicious truffle cheese platter. If you’re a larger group, it’s also possble to book wine tastings. The service is a bit slow, but the staff is really friendly and the wine (and cheese) is well worth it.

wine bar dubrovnik

Wine and truffle cheese plate at D’vino