Favorite 5 for Brunch in Copenhagen

March 16, 2016

You know those mornings all too well; you wake up a little bit later than usual, linger in bed an hour longer than your usual Monday-Friday morning, maybe your head aches just a little bit from the cocktails the night before, and all you really want is a nice, big brunch to kick the day off and chat about last night. Copenhagen offers many good cafés and restaurants for these situations, but not all of them are great. Therefore, I’d like to present my five favorite places for brunch in Copenhagen:

Møller Kaffe & Køkken: This place opened in the summer of 2015, so it’s quite new but I like it a lot. The concept is you get a paper menu, with all the dishes described, and you cross of the meals you want for your brunch – a concept I love. This way you only get the food you actually want to eat and you can compose your own platter depending on how hungry you are. The home made nutella is a must! They only serve brunch dishes and are open until 16:00 (kitchen closes at 15:00). You can’t book a table here, so prepare to wait.

Wulff + Konstali: Tucked away on Amager, southern Copenhagen, is this charming brunch restaurant which has the same pick-and-chose concept as Møller Kaffe & Køkken (although to be fair – Wulff + Konstali was first). This place quickly gained momentum among the Copenhageners, especially the Instagram crowd, so it can be quite hard to get a table if you come around 11-13 on weekends, and you can’t book a table here either. However, brunch is great – especially the croissants.

Brunch selection at Wulff + Konstali

Brunch selection at Wulff + Konstali

Den Blå Hund: You know how Friends has Central Perk? Den Blå Hund is my Central Perk. It’s located really close to where I live on Frederiksberg and I love to hang here, be it for a cup of tea, a hummus salad or just a glass of wine on a late evening, DBH never fails. It’s not that it’s extraordinary in any way – to others it’s just another café, but to me it’s the place I go. What I want to say is that I might be a little bit biased here, but I truly think their vegetarian brunch is one of the city’s best brunches. Plus, you always get a glass of cava for 25 DKK – I can live with that.

Marchal/Hotel D’Angleterre: Looking to really splurge or do you have something to celebrate? In that case, you should reserve a table for the famous Sunday brunch at five star Hotel D’angleterre’s Michelin-starred restaurant Marchal. Here you can indulge in traditional brunch dishes made in an exceptional way, as well as truffles and champagne – but it will set you back 595 DKK, so I’d say you only go here if you’re after an over-the top luxury brunch in Copenhagen. The featured photo in the top of this post is from the brunch buffet at D’Angleterre – can you imagine the brunch?

Kalaset: I’ve recommended Kalaset before in this piece about vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants and it’s really great for brunch – especially for vegans. You can chose from 6 different brunch plates – three bigger, full brunch plates and three that are just smaller, limited versions of the big ones. There’s you classic brunch with bacon for meat-eaters, a vegetarian one with e.g. scrambled eggs, vegetables, and falafels, and a vegan one with lentil-ratatouille, falafels, hummus, grilled veggies etc. It’s located in Nørrebro, close to Nørreport and shopping. I love to visit Torvehallerne and buy fresh vegetables and flowers after my Kalaset visits.



brunch in Copenhagen at Kalaset

Cozy Kalaset


Photos: D’Angleterre (top photo), Wulff+Kunstali’s Facebook page, Kalaset

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