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A London trip and Adele in concert!

July 6, 2017

As I am writing this, I’m sitting on our hotel room terrace overlooking the small town of Porto Cervo in Sardinia, where we arrived a few hours ago. But before arriving here, we were in Alghero on the Sardinian west coast, and before that, we were in London for a few days to finally see Adele. I will write all about Alghero and our Sardinian vacation later but for now, I wanted to write a bit about our trip to London. I’ve been there seven or so times in seven years and it is probably my favorite city to stay in. This trip had a bit different purpose than my other trips though… For Christmas, I gave Jacob tickets to see Adele, whom he loves almost more than football (soccer) – which is a lot – for her final tour dates at the Wembley Arena. Ever since we’ve been so eager to go!

This time, we stayed in a newly opened boutique hotel in Shoreditch called the Curtain. The hotel itself is very nice and houses Obama-praised Swedish chef Magnus Samuelsson’s new restaurant Red Rooster, where I had the most amazing cauliflower of my life. While the hotel was everything I expected it to be – nice rooms, lovely bathroom with a shower the size of a big wardrobe, great service, and a rooftop pool (which we didn’t use due to the weather), I’m not too crazy about the Shoreditch area. In my opinion, it’s full of company buildings and people rushing to/from work; it lacks something I can’t quite put my finger on.

After arriving late on Wednesday, we went down to Red Rooster for a meal and a nightcap and were pleasantly surprised. Go here for amazing food (vegetarian options available and extremely tasty!) and lovely drinks.

The next day, Thursday, we went shopping a bit before heading home to change and fetch our Adele tickets. When we came to Wembley, there were tens of thousands of people already there, hurrying up to get in. Although we didn’t arrive until 2.5 hrs before the show, we still managed to stand close to the main stage. At 20:10, Adele entered the stage and blew everyone away.


My pre-Adele pre-party drink was this really nasty mojito in a can.

She sang all our favorite songs, and the crowd of almost 100,000 people was singing along, cheering her on. As we were standing quite close to the stage, we could see her from close range and I did notice that she struggled a bit with her voice, clearing her throat a lot. However, it was nothing that we could hear in her voice. We had so much fun, sang along, caught confetti with messages written by Adele, and just enjoyed finally being able to catch one of her shows. It turns out, it was the last show she would do for now, as she canceled her two remaining dates for Friday and Saturday due to medical issues with her vocal cords.¬†Needless to say, we’re sooo glad we got to see her – it will definitely be a memory for life. Please excuse the poor quality of the photos – I was not allowed to bring my DSLR in, so the iPhone had to do…


The queen, Adele!


Confetti messages

Friday in London was spent shopping, eating, and drinking Pimm’s and beers in local pubs.


Cheers to you!


I really love the pub culture in London. Here we’re just off Oxford Street.

We ended our evening in Soho in one of the many restaurants in Kingly Court. As I said, it’s my seventh time in London, and I’m still getting to know the city. I’d never heard about it before and we just stumbled upon it while walking in Soho.


Carnaby was all made up for Pride Month! #LOVEHAPPENSHERE

London-kingly court

Kingly court is filled with great restaurants and places to have a drink before heading out in Soho.


Look at this yummy-ness! Pitta bread with halloumi and vegetable souvlaki with tzatziki, and a greek salad from Whyte & Brown.


After dinner it had started raining and so we hurried down to the tube, taking us back to the Curtain. The next morning, we left from Liverpool Station at 6 am to catch our plane to Sardinia. But as I said, more on that later…



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