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A Friday in Paris with Ellen Birath & the Shadowcats

April 20, 2017

Sometimes the best trips are the ones that you haven’t been planning forever. A month ago, my very good friend Anna told me she was going to Paris and asked if I wanted to come. I’m not the one to turn a trip down, so I said yes and we booked the ticket. It was honestly one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and one that made me see Paris from a new – better – perspective!

On Friday, we met at the airport and were told that our plane was overbooked and that we might not make it on. Filled with rage, we made our way through security and up to the gate, ready to make our case to whichever poor soul that had the bad luck of standing at the gate. We walked up, angrily put our stand-by tickets on the desk and said “We were told we might not make it on the plane?”, with our arms crossed, fit for fight. The very nice and smiling gentleman behind the desk said “Well of course you are! Don’t worry about it. You look very “VIP”, we can’t have you sit here and wait”. Baffled, we thanked the nice man very much and boarded the plane. The trip wasn’t very pleasant, as Vueling decided to let a very ill woman, who had various bodily fluids exit her here and there, board the plane. Poor thing!

Anyways, we arrived at our AirBnb in the 11th arrondissement a few hours later and immediately went down to the local Monoprix to buy the essentials: make-up remover, wine, and cheese. We sat at home, drank a bit, listened to music, and before we knew it we were in quite a hurry. We took an Uber to the area where Ellen played and quickly went for a pho around the corner. We were in and out in 15 minutes and made our way to the fully packed La Féline and quickly got to meet Ellen before they entered the stage.

Pho in Paris

Yummy vegan pho from Cô My Cantine on Rue de Menilmontant


Anna is so gorgeous I want to die!

The show was absolutely amazing and not at all what I’m used to. Not only was the band really, really good but people were so into it. It didn’t take long before the first couple took over the dance floor and soon I found myself dancing with a stranger, trying (in vain)to keep up with the steps. I probably looked hilarious and really, really silly, but I had so much fun!

Ellen and the Shadow Cats

Ellen and the Shadow Cats entered the stage

After the show, we stood outside the club (it was too hot inside) and chatted to various people before heading over to a different bar. When we were on our way from the bar, I managed to miss a step and fell flat on my face in front of EVERYONE. I saw the French side-eyes, quietly judging me for being too drunk but I promise that was not the case (I mean it could have been – but it wasn’t!). Bruised up, I finally managed to convince Anna that we should go home and that was the end of our Friday night in Paris…

Ellen and the Shadow Cats





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