5 Quick Summer Hair Tips

May 31, 2016

Summer is finally approaching here in Northern Europe. Longer evenings, sunny days and barbecue evenings makes the otherwise semi-introverted Scandinavians rush outside and enjoy the few days of real summer weather that we have. That’s how summer should be spent. Yet some of us also notice the change of season on our hair. It becomes dry and brittle for some, oily for others and we can think of more fun things to do than spend hours fixing our hair when the weather’s nice, right? So here are five quick hair tips for taking care of your hair this summer – whether you’re traveling or not.

Hair scalp problems – change shampoo

Is your hair scalp really dry or really oily? The change in weather can affect your scalp, so your old shampoo might actually not work as well as it used it. Tackle your problems and use gentle hair products and your scalp will thank you!

Wear a scarf or a hat

Whether you have short hair, long hair or no hair, wearing a protective sun hat or a scarf is a must. Your hair only protects your hair scalp from the sun’s rays to a certain extent. You always put some sun screen on your face and body, yet the scalp is forgotten by many. A hat or scarf helps protect your hair scalp from sun burns and your hair from UV damage, such as change of hair color. Here are some ideas:


Hands off the tools

I know, I know. Staying away from the straightener or the hair dryer can be hard if you want to look somewhat like your usual self. However, blow drying and straightening or curling the hair damages it a lot. Summer is the perfect season to lay off these things because you can just let your hair air dry without freezing your head off. Air drying is better for both the scalp and the hair and if you’re going traveling, you don’t even have to bring the hair dryer along = more clothes in your bag! I especially love the hair style you get when you braid your hear, bathe in the ocean with it, let it dry and then take your braids out. Hello Beyoncé-locks!

Cold water wash

When washing your hair, try washing it in cold water. Too hot water can irritate your scalp, and the cold water seems to make the hair shinier. Plus, it feels really, really good taking a cold shower when it’s hot outside.


Use conditioner every time you wash your hair and/or hair treatments once a week to keep your hair moisturized and to prevent it from drying out.



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