2016 in Review – Part 1

December 31, 2016

2016! What a year. There was an ongoing war in Syria, the Zika virus, we lost several legends (I’m talking to you Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, Carrie Fischer, and Debbie Reynolds), terrorist attacks in Brussels, Nice, München, and Berlin (not to mention in the Middle East!), the shootings in Orlando, things aren’t looking too bright for the environment with record high temperatures on the North Pole. Then came Brexit. And Trump. Who would’ve thought? Sure, there were good things that happened too but 2016 will always be remembered by the many negative events. Let’s hope 2017 will get better!

Thankfully, my 2016 was quite alright. So I wanted to take a look back at this year and show you some of the highs and the lows for me personally.

This time last year, I was suffering from depression. It wasn’t my first time dealing with this horrible condition but it definitely doesn’t make it easier anyway. My doctor put me on sick leave and so between my weekly therapy sessions, I was doing yoga and reading books.

I spent New Year’s Eve with my brother-in-law and other friends and we had a lovely time, as usual, cheering in the New Year. January slowly went by and I went back to work in February again. I remember feeling all dizzy as I drove to work my first day back, not knowing how people would react to me being gone all this time and then suddenly coming back. Although I have suffered from depression before, I have never, ever been on sick leave and the situation was kind of weird to me. But as time went by, I started getting better and better.


Jacob & I on NYE 2015

In March me, my mom, sister and our boyfriends all went to London to celebrate my mother’s 55th birthday. She’d never been and I couldn’t wait to show her my favorite parts of London. We went for afternoon tea, ate delicious food, saw Big Ben, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye, we had drinks at Galvin by the Windows, overlooking all of London, and of course did some shopping as well. It was a short but sweet trip where we somehow managed to fit everything in, in just a few days. You can read more about our trip to London here.


At the airport, waiting for the flight to London.


Spring came to Copenhagen and in April I finally got to realize my dream of going to New York! It instantly became one of my favorite places ever. We had delicious food and drinks, went on top of the Empire State Building and 30 Rock (where I, unfortunately, didn’t run into my hero Tina Fey, as I had hoped), had drinks on rooftop bars, had the best pizza ever and went to the most romantic restaurant EVER in Brooklyn, did all the museums, and of course some shopping as well. All in all, it was a fantastic trip and I can’t wait to go back.

new yorknew yorkbrooklynIMG_1606IMG_1649

When we came home from NY, the jetlag was unreal and I spent my nights awake and only slept 4 hours/day for 4 days. A little while after we came home, I was visiting my sister when I got a phone call from Jacob. He told me he was at the hospital and that he had been hit by a car when he was riding his bike home from work. I hurried over to the hospital and luckily, Jacob was doing really well. I don’t believe in God or angels or miracles, but he must have had more than good luck with him that day. The car was totally smashed, as was Jacob’s bike, and he hadn’t been wearing a helmet. Things could have gone really bad but, thankfully, they didn’t.

A few weeks later, I went to Stockholm to visit my friend Sanna. We had lots of Indian food, did some shopping, watched some TV, ate at Surfers (an amazing place with fantastic food and cocktails), and just chilled. I kind of needed to get away from everything for a bit, and Stockholm is always a good idea 😉


Gamla stan (Old town) in Stockholm on a cold, gray Sunday in May.

In June, which is where I end part 1 of this review, a lot of things happened. Jacob graduated from med school after 6 years of studying (and 3 years of studies before med school) and of course, it was a huge day for him. I took half the day off work and went with him to his final exam, which he aced 😉 We celebrated with champagne and had some friends over for wine and food that same day. A few days later, I went with him to sign the Hippocratic Oath.


More champagne!


Proud girlfriend moment!

On my birthday, June 8, we went out for cocktails and dinner and celebrated with my family. We ended the month of June by going to Croatia on what felt like the world’s smallest plane. This time, we went to Dubrovnik, where we stayed at a hotel that had the best pool ever invented: a pool with a swim-in bar. Needless to say, many mojitos were consumed there. We also went kayaking, where I badly burned my shins. After five days in Dubrovnik, we headed over to “our” island Hvar.

I remember being so annoyed on the ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar. There was this large group of Americans who had absolutely no respect for anyone else. They were loud, a bit drunk, and talked about way too personal stuff. Non-confrontational as I am (and apparently, as the rest of the passengers were too), I moved someplace else after a few hours 😉 Hvar was marvelous, as always, but more on that in part two so check back later…

dubrovnik kayaking



Just chilling in the pool 🙂


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