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An Evaluation of my Personal Goals for 2017

January 2, 2018

In 2016, I made some personal goals for 2017. Not New Year’s resolutions but just some things that I wanted to focus on throughout the year. Since 2017 is officially OVER, I thought we’d have a look at how things went…


1. See new places
“I have a tendency to travel to places I’ve already been. I’ve been in London five times or so and while I love London, there are other places to see too! This year I want to go to places I’ve never been. I already have a sixth London trip planned but other than that I plan to explore new places this year.”

🢂 I actually went to London TWICE (first and second) this year but I did get to see new places as well! I went to Barcelona for my Birthday, spent my summer holiday in Sardinia and went to Venice. I was mad about Barcelona! I did like Sardinia too but I don’t think it’s a place I’ll return to anytime soon.


2. Read more books
“In 2016, I didn’t read that many books and I really regret that. I only read during vacations but I want to prioritize books this year. I tend to get stuck with Netflix or HBO shows because it’s just SO easy, but reading gives me so much more. Jacob got me the Harry Potter book set for Christmas and I’ve already started. I just love being so caught up in a book that I simply can’t put it down.”

🢂 I did read quite a lot. I started out with all the Harry Potter books, which are by far my favorite books I’ve ever read. During the summer holidays, I read like crazy and continued to read almost every night throughout summer, fall, and winter. This Christmas, I also got a Kindle, so now there’s no end to the possibilities! 🙂


3. Stay active
“[…]This is not a resolution to work out more but simply to continue working out – yes, even BORING cardio. […] So for 2017, I will continue to work out, not because I need to get in shape but for the sake of my mental health.”

🢂 I’m happy to say I have been staying active throughout the year. In August, I bought an activity tracker to track how active I am (duh). It came as quite a shock to me that I wasn’t as active as I needed to be. I have a desk job and take my car to and from work every day so I don’t get that everyday physical activity that is so important. With my activity tracker, I found out that I need to workout 6 days a week in order to stay as active as I need to be (based on my age, weight, height etc.). So since August, I’ve been working out 4-6 days per week.

4. Stop thinking about consequences
“I have a  tendency to over-think stuff. Before I do something, I tend to think about the different scenarios in which it could play out. The what ifs and the buts tend to dominate my inner conversation and it usually ends up with nothing. I realize that this is not something that happens overnight, or even in a year but I do plan on keeping this in mind.”

🢂 This has been a tough one but I have been a bit more spontaneous this year. However, I’ve also found that I have a hard time maintaining a healthy balance of not thinking about consequences and still remaining sane when said consequences come to bite you in the behind. So… more balance!

5. Say “No” and “Stop”
“[…] I’m better at speaking up when I hear someone pull a sexist or racist joke. But I plan on getting even better. I’m going to say no more, even to people that I’m afraid of hurting. I’m not going to stand there and listen to people tear women apart or using the N word or talking bad about Muslims. I’m not here for it and I am going to make that clear.”

🢂 I think this one has gone both well and not-so-well. I’ve done all the easy stuff, like give a side-eye and not laugh when someone pulls a semi-racist joke. Questioned people when they said sexist stuff. Argued about #MeToo with people who though things had “gone too far”. But I still struggle with the harder stuff, like actually being direct and saying stuff like “That’s a bit racist, don’t you think?” to people I don’t know well. I have found a strategy that works pretty well though. Whenever someone pulls a sexist or racist joke I just say “Hmmm, not sure what you mean by that?” and just let them go on and explain their racist jokes to me until they realize they’re not funny. People get so baffled when you ask them to explain their “jokes”, it’s quite fun. You should try it! 🙂



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